WTPA2 example track

My buddy Travis (Voice Of Saturn) recorded a track with WTPA2, some of his devices, and some manner of modular:

The WTPA2 in there is pretty recognizeable....


  • Works for me! Analog+Digital, the best of friends.
  • Nice! I was expecting something more like a demo, but it's good to hear the new guy there! It seems to have a clearer sound, more definite.
  • that guy has a weird music style (ie good).
    i'm looking forward for the VoS 2, must be a killer synth also.
    i'm glad i've bought the whole stuff for the 1st Saturn last year before it had been discontinued. still need to make the box + panel though, will be quite big!

    Todd you should seriously consider to sell me a WTPA2 kit secretly, right now ;-D
  • Yeah it's a bit hard to tell what's what there, but it sounds good either way.
  • the WTPA2 is the thing that runs at the beginning and gets pitched up in the end if i got that right.

    the comment on the VoS2 wasn't related to the recording, it's just the guy who makes the synth.
  • Yeah that's what I figured too.

    Some cool new info/pics on the blog (though they all seem to from a couple of weeks ago?)
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