ha! look what i found on ebay!

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hilarious, i just had to post this!



  • cup cake from hell
  • appears to be the work of Martin Howse based on the soundcloud links, my kinda maniac.
  • I had seen that earlier, and it sounds good, but is a bit pricey methinks.

    Martin Howse performed in a nearby city a couple months ago (Huddersfield) and I missed it. His webpage seems so uselessly uninformative.....(afterwards a couple friends were telling me I had to check it out, when I tried to check it out, I couldn't really check anything out)
  • the enclosure is great!
  • You're supposed put in the oven @ 350* deg.
    for 5 minutes? It turns into a big chocolate chip
  • mmmh chips mad e of chocolate, take that INTEL
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