Gorf V2

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Paul Maddox is about to release his updated kit, maybe tuesday/thursday. My pal George loved his ver 1.0 and I'm going for one. He is doing batches of 25 with the list people having an advance buy and the balance going public shortly. When he hits 19 kits he orders the next batch. 99 euros http://blog.vacoloco.com/


  • man thanks for THAT info!!
  • Great unit. Buttons ain't cheap though.
  • i'm going to do them offboard. or... at least i buy them. hehe, got a TRON unfinished lying here too....
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    I bet that's not all you've got lyin' there waiting
    for assembly? ;-)
    synthrotek seq looks good- smidgen
    of pricieness on the assembled and the pieruixmaster
    stuff looks cool and cheepish especially the mini sat. one!
    He's got a few things fer sale.

    Updated Mar27,2012

    10 Channel Analog Sequencer Modual(?) Custom Panel 10SQAx1
    on this page -among other versions of Korg sq-10x's
    His name is pieruixmaster and he's making stuff
    from a 4-chaNnel capture to 16 channel sequencers
    modular gear from $600 price range but
    he sells parts and all sorts of other things so you have
    to scour the page a bit so to speak.
  • Pricey buttons/ The price is for the full kit less case.
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    I meant the MEC 3FTL680's? 679-2232-ND $5.21
    at digikey.ca. That's the red. 679-2233-ND red/green
    is $6.45 while I'm there. Great deal altogether if it's £199
    plus postage for the new Gorf V2 kit? Email Paul M.?
  • here's a quote from his blog:

    >> Kits will be £99 plus postage, which depends on where you are in the world.
    For assembly, It’ll be £149 plus postage. The case is likely to be around £25, I’m waiting for Chris to make one for mine and confirm cost.
  • Thx for link. & correct prices - rosch.
    I was guessing. I also guess @ $155 kit and
    $235 assembled w/ north american current
    rate o'exchange?
  • 111 english pounds shipped to canada
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    Wow. xe.com says £111= $171 Can.
  • Paul shipped every advance list kit today and says his two suppliers are now cleaned out of CPUs and scrambling to get him more. Now this is not even close to Todd's plans so it sure says a lot about supply chains and inventory right now.
  • @tofino

    That's why I stayed away as well.. I was looking at the tron as well for a drum sequencer but those zillion dollar tacts he uses really put me off especially when you have a something like a Beat707 which has a full 16step interface, two synth tracks and is only $75
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    i've just purchased chip and board from him (tron) and use arcades. i like different sequencers but i rather have them bigger (like with the Shruthi and sammich too). that didn't cost much, even though i had to look for sources for some parts.
    i'll do the same with the new GorF. I've contacted Paul about it (buying only micros and boards) and he says i shall drop him a mail again after 11th, when the kits have gone out.
    of course, arcade buttons aren't cheap either but if i remember right they're cheaper than the ones from the kits.... and bigger.

    regarding the Beat707 it's kinda funny. i purchased the schematics and all for download from Wusik before they went with rugged. so i let myself miss out on the actual hardware (as i would have wired the buttons offboard too) but i've come to regret it. because re-inventing the circuit from really crappy Fritzing-breadboard-plans with no useable pdf file or whatsoever is going to be much more a pita than just wiring some controls.
    i hope rugged provide pcb+mcu also, but haven't asked them yet.

    also expect both drum machines to be different instruments, with their own style each and sure worth having them both :D

    edit: i just had a look at Beat707.com they only offer fully assembled boards, not even a diy option, besides a eagle and pdf version of what i already have (if that's true). so no way, sadly :(
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    @ rosch
    for 270+ SMD parts, getting assembled is not a bad idea. I've been working with wusik beta testing the forthcoming expansion for that thing (16 faders + 6 encoders) and I am REALLY fond of it. The 16 steps can be used as volume controls for the tracks as well as pitch controls for the 2 synth tracks. I did the demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhNlv0zx6OU

    (note my WTPA in the upper left :)
  • ok you got me ;)
  • yeah, just watched the demo. nice machine. you're right about the SMD stuff, and really: 95$ for the whole thing, that price is absolute awesome!
    do i remember right, that i've seen on the adafruit forum you're working on a panel / enclosure for the 707? (maybe just wishful thinking on my side)
  • yeah, thats done

  • altitude: YOU have to make the expansion case as well! Its so slick it reminds me of a 1970s Korg/Roland tuner/drum machine, and I mean that in a nice way, really. Remember that odd little drum machine thing with the tiny grid and big blue buttons with drawings of a hi-hat on it?
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    Is that Beat-707 ever nice!
    It's just 5V Arduino so changing pwr to 9Vdc
    would just be swap on the supply input to
    a 9Vdc terminal?

    btw-May I ask who's wtpa is this? :^)
  • yeah! looks fine! absolutely.
    cool and the E-switches fit on the board too!
  • did you have to remove the original buttons or could you opt for an assembly without them?

    i just had a look at the 707 forum. there are even a lot of mods possible. looks really promising. quite different to the breadboard videos they posted on midibox back in january.
    i'll definitely get one, as soon as $$$$ allow!
  • btw how did it work out with those high profile midi sockets? from their videos (with the flat buttons and lcd) it looks as if you'd have to remove the sockets to get the controls flush on the surface.
  • @ sealion. Thats already in the works, it will use the same case I used except thinner (1.2")

    @ rosch: I took them off and used panel mounted ones on the side where the USB and power are located. Putting them where there are now was short sided on their part but no big deal really to change. The original buttons that come with the kit are just caps that sit on the same tacts that are used with the x0x so I just went with the x0x caps since they are much taller

    @tofino, dunno, is that a trick question? The arduino has a regulator so 9VC is no problem.
  • great! thanks!
  • @altitude No trix. I just heard Arduino
    and guessed from my tiny body of Arduino
  • Hey, is this the new golden age of DIY music or what!
  • @ tofino

    Re: Arduino, think of it as analogous to a midibox core. Lots of analog and digital I/O, very flexible powering etc
  • Yeah man. A buskin we will go. Had a dream
    that was something like Kraftwerk vs. Devo
    electro busking world tour. Three guys in suits.
    Weird. Thanks to Arduino, DIY'ers, VLSI and the smaller
    footprint afa portable power development!
  • @tofino_waves
    the WTPA in the pic above is from biot
    14th post on that page:
  • Thanks Rosch!
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