"Where the Party's At" - Compilation CD

So I was thinking, it would awesome to put together a CD/EP/Compilation of folks and their WTPAs. I'd be down for managing the submissions and have an in-house artist (my wife) who can produce artwork and stuff.

Anyone interested?

I think it would be CDr or net only release, unless someone wants to go higher up the food chain with it. I'm mainly thinking something fun for us folks who spend a lot of time on these forums and/or twiddling WTPA knobs.

I think criteria would be simple. "Using a WTPA" would be it. It could be a small or big part, but it should be present, that would welcome a variety of tracks and would open it up for people to submit what they normally do, rather than producing something WTPA specific for a compilation (like everyone making 3min WTPA mashups, for a 60minute CD).


List of people interested:
Jon Gaiser(?)
buddy Nick(?)


  • that's a great idea, Rodrigo.
    i'm planning to do a piece very soon, but will have to open my wtpa again to connect the different grounds (chassis) to get rid of the last bits of noise.
    it will be some diy synths and a S1000, along with the party taking care of the words of a poem i like very much.
    not sure how i'll record it (or where) etc... so it could take some time.
  • I'd be down. But i'll have to wait till I get my wtpa2 to get a feel for what I can do with it.
  • It would definitely happen post WTPA2, as lots of people have yet to get their party on, not to mention there's whole new bits to explore in this new one....

    Speaking of which....can't wait!
  • Hell, I'll do a track.
  • Once the WTPA2 is out for a month or two, I'll come back to this and start organizing stuff. I'll keep the original post edited with people who have said they'll join in.
  • please add my name to the list...
  • I'm interested - but will have to see how much time I have to work on it. Too many projects... too little time.... Sigh.

    Here's my background: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Glitch
  • Man, at this rate we'll run out of space on the CD in no time!
    Really look forward to hearing all the different useages of the wtpa.
  • I would like to contribute an all-WTPA track, but perhaps one that's already out there because I like it so much. Actually, there are a couple all-WTPA tracks. We'll see if I can conjure up a new one. Yeah, I'd like to be a part of this.

    Also, I'd like to contribute my mastering services. I do this, professionally, and I'd like to help out--no charge, of course! Check out Modern Sound Mastering: http://www.modernsoundmastering.com
    Let me know if you're interested.
    By the way, we won't be charging anything for this, will we?
  • I'm in noise perfromance or birds, not sure which,
  • Think about also doing a bit of video for our pieces? then it can help tod promote it, and when he's stinkin rich and buys his own aircraft carrier for parties he can invite us!
  • I'm in for contributing, I envision some liner notes with some photos showing the variety of builds, since not everyone did them stock that would be an interesting aspect!
  • @glitched
    That's awesome on the mastering front.

    With regards to money/liner notes, there's a balance there. If there's liner notes, it's going to cost more (or something) to make.

    What are people's thoughts on price/free/"productionvalue"?

    I was envisioning either a web only thing, with pdf(liner notes) that's completely free (and/)OR a CDr-based DIY thing, with perhaps some hand-made elements (which I can take on).
    The later would cost money to make, so I wouldn't want to be out of pocket, so they would sell for whatever they cost to make + shipping.

    Another option, perhaps, would be for everyone who participates to chip in a bit, then we have them professionally (small run) produced, and everyone get enough copies to offset what they chipped in. Though some would have to remain centrally available for non participants to purchase/acquire.

    I guess it depends, overall, on how big or small people want this to be. As I said I'm happy to organize it all, handle art-work and design, (and physical manufacturing if we go DIY with it) glitched said he can do mastering, which is great.
  • How about aiming for something like this.

    We compile/prepare it all for web only release, including a nice pdf booklets with pic/blurbs of all participants (including info on the WTPA itself too).


    Once the big labels come-a-knockin, we see if we want to make something physical out of it.

    (Though depending on how things go, I might physically make a small run of DIY CDrs, with handmade art and junk, for all the participants).
  • Another thought is there could be some collaboration too.

    I pictured it as all individual contributions, but if people are into it, there could be a couple collabs where multiple people work on the same track.


    We can divide the contributions into virtual "sides", and each side would then jointly collaborate on a track, so it would be tracks 1-10 as individual tracks and labelled as "Side A" then a "Side A Battle", and this repeats for the second "side".

    This would add to how long the whole thing takes to put together as people will be mailing files around and stuff, but it could add a cool element.

    (this is what sleeping 2 hours last night does......mucho forum posts....)
  • Re: free or not - I like your plan for web-only release, and then we'll see.

    Re: virtual battle - you could do something else cool too, and provide the samples that users must use. Not to be limited to only those, but that must be included in some way...
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    Skill set, I have adobe acrobrat 10 pro and can proofread, so I can turn pretty much any text /image into smaller pdf files. Soundforge 10 for conversion of formats if needed but glitched probably has better tools and more experience there. In North america I've had good success using www.yousendit.com's free accounts to move really big files around a group but maybe soundcloud is the better hosting site for the audio when its done if its too much for Todd's site?
  • question: how many of us are pc/wav versus mac/aiff or unix and ? I'm pc wave
  • Mac here, but I always work with WAVs unless a pesky program requires otherwise.

    I can host the files on my site, and I think people can just up the files to it via ftp, though I've never done that before.
  • I've been a part of these 'net label/competition compilations many times over the years, as I'm sure some of you have. Probably the most "successful" (meaning, it was a painless process that resulted in a good, cohesive product) was the elektron-users.com's "45 Tribute" collection (http://www.45tribute.com/ - I contributed "TReD Grp - Scarfac323").

    It worked for a number of reasons, not the least of which was Autechre appearing on it, but mainly because it was simply a collection of tracks released for the web-only.
    Introducing stuff like physical CDs and payment adds layers of complexity and will seem more like work than fun to the curator (I guess that's you, Rodrigo.)

    Although it seems like a fun idea, collaboration usually doesn't end up working that well and delays the process.
    A sample pack-themed compilation is usually interesting, but in this case, it would be a bit of a hassle because the WTPA isn't a traditional sort of sampler where one can just load up the samples and create.

    So, my "vote" would be for a standard 10-track (or more) WTPA-themed collection, for release exclusively on the web. Where? Maybe bandcamp.com? That's my current favorite digital distributor because of the ease of use, customization options (including the ability to bundle cover art, liner notes, etc.), and integrated payment solutions.

    Payment? Again, I wouldn't recommend requiring it because people don't usually buy these things, unless it has some "star power." (Oh wait, Todd "Smacks His Bitch Up" Bailey is on this joint!) Sorry, that's the truth.
    Perhaps, a "pay what you think it's worth" type of thing (bandcamp has this as an option).

    As for formats and mastering, etc.: don't worry about that stuff. I can open/export anything. When the time comes, all I'll need is your .wav or .aiff (or losslessly compressed file--flac, ape, wavpack) and I'll take care of the rest. We can talk about the details, when the time draws near.
  • PC, but i literally have no own experience in computer recording, so i'm even more used to AIFF as that's the AKAI sample format. my plan would be mixing live sequenced stuff down & recording on cassette, taking that to the PC, or, i don't know if that's better, going to a friend who has cubase and doing normal multitrack. i liked the tape sound better so far.
    but when it comes to add a track to an existing recording, i guess i'd have to go to the guy with the caravan studio.
  • @collaboration
    After posting it I imagined the headache that that would be, so I think you are right, that just having people contribute completed tracks will be the way to go

    I think taking payment for an online thing would add some complications too as it would then mean spreading that money around the contributors. With the physical thing, money goes towards costs and that's it.

    So unless anyone feels strongly or has reasons for it, let's say it's going to be a web only release, and free, with all the digital trimmings (liner notes/artwork/etc...)
  • Hey dudes,

    FWIW -- Naturally I'm happy to host it on this site, or anywhere else really.
    W/r/t format/price -- I agree that free is the way to go, web is easy, with finished tracks being the easiest. I actually have some WTPA1 tracks by Jon Gaiser (from Minus) and my buddy Nick, so maybe we could put one on the comp if they're in. In addition to publicity, they are actually pretty bangin.

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    If and when I get one...? I'm up for it. I needs me some
    demo's for my- as yet non-existent- myspace page.
    Wait.. isnt myspace outdated now?
    I meant to say Soundcloud or what Twitter?
    Facebook? Bandcamp? Reverbnation?
    Where do "cutting edge" electronic musos sell and advertise
    their latest? Lol on the "cutting edge".
    ;-) on the when I get one.
  • I love the idea of the WTPA compilation and I would like to participate..
    I have this mostly-wtpa creepy-industrial track on myspace (the name is 'Ninc') http://www.myspace.com/tommasofiori
    I also have other tracks but they are not on the web.. i could upload maybe..
    Since we are all waiting for WTPA2 i suggest to do 2 compilations: a WTPA and a WTPA2
    Todd could let us hear the first track of WTPA2 compilation, isn't it?
  • Man, we're already at 12 (possible 14?) tracks. It's filling up.

    I think 20 tracks/contributors should be the limit as it would give each about 3 to 3.5 minutes to do their thing.
  • Oh, I'll need at least 17-18 minutes. I plan on going all "tubular bells" on it;)
  • Quad cd digipak then?
  • 7.1, that's 7 wtpa?s and a subwoofer.
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