Kaleidoloop modified:

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Cool um ah...instrument?


Few other custom projects there also. Seen some great 'sounding'
video. One with the pocket piano- it does FM!- thru-an Eventide space
(vid by bigcity) There's youtube of the Kaleidoloop which is in sampler
territory. Alot more at vimeo. I see here on narrat1ve that you all are
quite familiar with the critter &guitari video side of synthesis.
And you’ve heard the little boy blue or jealous heart from Flower
Electronics? There's a mini modular‼


  • Thumbs up I bought an early video oscilloscope and used it at a gig with a bitvision.
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    More URL's. French, Spanish. Some ideas for future WTPA mods maybe?


    This one, based on the Dirty Sam.

    and The Dirty Sam

    Or the Payback-

    I must comment on the newish Eventide Space pedal-wow nice!
    $499 instead of thousand(s)?

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