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  • @Tofino --
    I feel like I have bricked so many ETAs at this point that I am a little hesitant to say. I think I only have like 30 kits left to put in bags, so there's not much physical work left to do. It's all me deciding how awesome to make the FW before the release. Since FW updates are such a PITA, I've been erring on the side of "everything done".

    Meeting the Scientist,
  • Thx M8! Punch me if I'm buggin ya!!;-)
    + 90% is GREAT news. Most sufficient chompin'
    @bit tranquilizer for my $500 Narrative acct.
    I'm takin' a good look at the Boss Mobile Cube but
    I'll hold off on the DIY Eneloop 9vdc rechargeable pack
    and the Eventide Space. :-) All past brick'ins will be
    mental effluent as soon your second gen sampler babe
    goes viral!!

    Have wondered how the microSD drag n' drop
    folder sample standard has fared since Nintendo "spoke".
    PM me if you're interested in some links of other's
  • erring on the side of "how awesome" and "done" seems like pretty good QC to me... soon come...
  • I was wondering when you slave one unit to the other, is there a way to slave the uSD card also? So in theory I could buy two mainboards, one uSD card board and have a sampler with 4 notes of polyphony?
  • As of now, yeah, if you had two chained and loaded a sample in the master, it would load the same sample slot in the slave.
  • awesome along that note, what if you wanted to load 4 separate samples from the same uSD card? i.e. both devices using the same SD card?
  • No, you can't do that. You'd need to communicate sample data over MIDI which would be a whole big mess. WTPA2 can't do that as of now, and it would be slow to do on the fly.
  • A few more questions: Would you be able to save a sample to the uSD from the onboard input? Would the filesystem patcher dealie guy allow static assignments? Like sample1 to midi note 00 and so forth? Once you've added samples, you can add/remove samples later without affecting these assignments?
  • Yes. If you mean, can you sample then store the sample to a given slot.
    Slots are called up via MIDI or button presses and you can edit them to your heart's content. So on the uSD channel, MIDI note 00 plays sample 0, etc etc. You can put whatever you want in slot 0.
    Later, if you want something else in slot 0, and the thing that WAS in slot 0 to be in slot 1, you just move the samples around.

  • awesome, just what I wanted to hear.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=D7_0SOTQLIQ#!
  • That child even looks a little like biggie.
  • is it just me or are rappers getting younger? keep on keeping on.
  • Two parts left for Matt's machine. Soldering iron is hit time to go.
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