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  • Hmm. Meaning can it record the same sample to both banks when recording?
    If that's what you mean, then you can do it via MIDI. Both channels are independent, so you could just send a record command to both at the same time.

    I'm curious why you would want that -- for some kind of Clapping Music / Warm Jets application?
  • Yeah that's what I meant. I wasn't sure if the input part of the code was also polyphonic.

    Was just thinking wether it was worthwhile to build two full sets of transport controls into my wtpa2 since I'm doing the caveman/midi thing. That could make for some interesting phasing/non-linear stuff.

    I still have to figure out a nice way to have a bunch of (sensitive) buttons in a tight space...
  • You have a very over the top way of testing prototypes. Heavy traffic indeed., Take care.
  • Yeah mucho injuries indeed.
  • hi.

    I have being reading your forum quietly drooling for a WTPA2!!! soon I can tell - long but well justified wait,
    My name is LopezDonaDo, I might know a couple of you guys i.e. ?Rodrigo=RodrigoConstanzo

    my web site is lopezdonado.com if you like a bit longer introduction about myself and my music.

    looking forward to contribute more to this forum and thanks todd for super dupa piece of hardware!
  • Yup tis me.

    Good to have you on here. Great time to join as the wait shouldn't be much longer.
  • Ha! Thanks.
    Yeah, it's useful to know that the enclosure, as it is designed, will break if hit by a car. Perhaps I should have sprung for high impact strength polycarbonate:

    The WTPA2 itself is fine, for what it's worth.
    I'm still writing firmware for the thing. Stay posted.
  • Hey Todd!

    Getting more and more interested about the wtpa2.. a couple of quick questions

    How will assigning samples to midi note # work from the uSD? Will they just enumerate them when you place them in card root or what? I am mainly interested in using it as a lofi midi sampler with some live playback tweaking. When you say the banks are duophonic that that mean you'll be able to play two samples per bank at once over midi?
  • @herrprof --

    So, samples play back from either RAM or the uSD card. Tweaking a sample can only be done when the sample is in RAM.
    The sampler itself is duophonic, meaning it can play two samples at the same time whether or you play them via MIDI or manually. Each bank can play one sample at a time, regardless of the source.

    WTPA2 has its own filesystem (not FAT) to make reading and writing fast. So you pick where the samples go on the USD using WTPA. Unfortunately you can't drag and drop to/from your computer, but you can get and put samples on the card using DD or cat or some other handy linux command. I'll write a script to make it easy after the formats are solid.

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    What I am not clear is how you load samples into ram from the sd card? I do a song based liveset, so I have no problem sending a program change or whatever to load up my sound set for each song, but jsut wondering how you swing this

    So you can either load a sample into ram to mung with it, or stream a oneshot from the sd card? How do you pick a sample or assign samples via midi?

    Can you have a static assignment like c3-kick.wav c#3 = hat.wav and so forth?
  • http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa78/xgoddess1/candlebiggie.jpg
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    A blessing? More candles.
  • Let's get a vigil going up in here!
  • Wow. Just, wow.
  • Also, I feel a little guilty (given the high quality of the above art) saying this but it ain't coming out today. The uSD business is done but there's still firmware to be fit in. I also have to adapt Andrew's Nintendo sample playback code to work with the WTPA2, for all the chip music kids. But it's real close and it's a full WTPA2 work week, no client biz to get in the way, so stay hopeful.
  • I watched that video the other day, but I wasn't totally clear on what was happening. These Nintendo samples are in some kind of NES-specific format (I assume regular WAV samples of Nintendo sounds wouldn't be noteworthy, nor require special code)?

    Forgive the possibly dumb question; I haven't really waded into the chip-tunes waters, outside of my (super awesome) Sammich SID.
  • Ours was a C64 household so I never gave a shit about the Nintendo, but yes, those are weird 1-bit delta-PCM samples. They are the OG NES format. Andrew did a great job with the code; it's concise and works well.
  • "but you can get and put samples on the card using DD or cat or some other handy linux command. I'll write a script to make it easy after the formats are solid."
    Linux? Nonstandard card format? Can't drag and drop wave files to the card? Ouch. Linux? Don't use it, not a coder.

    Windows 7. 90 gig of samples all in wave format. Use chicken translator & sound forge & ableton 8.
    Do need someway to move samples from that style of platform/format to the WTPA?2 And to the U-Craete Music as well (nuther story.
  • @Sealion -- You're welcome to write a fast FAT driver if you want :-)
    The script, whenever it happens, will likely be in Python so it ought to work on your Windows machine too. Before then, I'm afraid you must get your nerd on.

    @Everybody --
    Samples successfully stream from the SD at 22050 in one bank while the other once does normal playback without any latency and with some processor left over.
    The next goal to overcome is aborting/restarting a streaming playback from SD in a "friendly" way and get a new one started as quickly as possible, a la "drum-kit" applications. You need one sample to be able to cut off another one.

    Problem is, unlike reading RAM, when you start reading a block of the SD, you are obligated to finish reading it, and you can't stop in the middle. So, to do it right, you'd have to CONTINUE reading the block until it's done, jack your read speed up to get it done as quickly as possible, and stop sending audio data while doing it. Then you'd need to know that there was another sample waiting in the queue and start it as soon as the last one was over, with audio on and the correct speed.

    In addition to not bricking the SD, you also need to do it fast enough (ideally) that you didn't hear a lag in there when you re-triggered. The current stream gets from a button press to playback in about 0.46mSecs, which is totally un-noticeable. If I can get there in, say, 4 times that when aborting/restarting a read, we should be good to go.

  • take your time! i'm broke right now anyway!
    and good luck
  • Man, this shit is wicked awesome and I hope the WTPA2 sells enough (I'm certainly telling enough people about it!) that you look back on the days where you did commercial work and scoff, while sitting on your WTPA5 fortune (literally sitting on a pile of money) paying people to play Fallout and drink beer for you!

    (or not)

    Either way, I'll buy whatever I can.
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    On one hand- WTPA-2 has been on the bench for awhile.;-)
    On the other- there isn't many DIY'able, bendable, portable,
    battery powerable, 8-bit able, with frankly any "features" available
    in our known universe. Do a search for any of those characteristics
    and almost nothing comes up. There are mega pages on blogs
    etc mentioning WTPA-1/2. Short of getting cash spent on
    advertising and maybe a "high profile" star's promo, I'd say project
    has alotta legs already. Granted, if you're savvy enough to build
    and code your own with the latest 120-second message recording
    chips then...great. That's beyond most. But I also think the current,
    and growing prevalence of DIY all around us these days is also a big
    positive. Not that there's a platoon of us here but we all believe in
    ya Todd. We're psyched and I hope that just the fact of you being
    the first and the best in history stokes an ember of motivation to
    "make er happen captain" and git er' done. Woohhoo!
    Seriously though-whenever. :)
  • I definitely think there's a 'if you build it they will come' kind of vibe. The wtpa1 sold out fairly quickly (relatively(nearly two years ago! it's crazy how long we've been on here 'partying')) and even then, the page was very confusing to navigate. It took me a few visits to figure out how to find the 'buying' info.

    It's almost like the best kept secret of the lo-fi sampling world!
  • I'll just put this here

  • oh snap, Rodrigo's getting busy-- turn it up... Todd, glad you're taking some slackass days-- take your time...keep sprinkling your magic fairy dust...excited but still patient(like a 5-year-old waiting for a Big Wheel....)
  • Oh that's not me above...
    It's the same guy that Todd posted that worked out how to play NES samples on his WTPA2.
  • That guy? The guy with the little Squire amp?
    Super lucky to have one of those Squire amps.
    That kinda quiet green box though, wtf is that? ;-)
  • Yeah yeah. See the update in the other thread. Sorry dudes!
    In other news, yes, Andrew rules. He's responsible for our nation's missile defense, and you don't see him slacking....
  • @TMB aka King Tubby

    Care to venture a shot at a "general" vicinity afa eta?
    "This summer"? Fall? ....Maybe winter, spring, summer or ?

    All us nerds wanna be point-ready to score with our doneros!!!
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