Real time effects?

Can the effects be applied to real time audio passing through the unit, or does it have to be sampled first?


  • There is a real-time mode on the WTPA1 but I never really used it.

    From the manual:

    DO REALTIME EFFECTS = Hold S5, and press S4 and S2 at the same time. This processes incoming audio in realtime by sampling it, doing whatever math problems you've set up and then spitting the results through the DAC. You can bit reduce music in realtime, for example (but you can't reverse it, obviously). Unfortunately this is very ADC heavy so you can't adjust the control pot while working in realtime (workaround = use MIDI). NOTE: Because REALTIME is its own thing (and doesn't fit into the record / odub / playback schema) all three top LEDs will illuminate when in realtime mode to indicate that something weird is going on.

    I never got it working (only tried once briefly). I know the WTPA2 is running faster so I don't know if there will be more/same/less than this in the WTPA2.
  • yep that's true.
    but the tweaking works fine via midi. for example with dnigrin's PARTY FAVOUR software you can also check how the jitter sounds with a mouse click
  • Realtime always worked just fine, but it will work a lot better now that the parameters are controlled with an encoder instead of a pot. That means that parameters will be fully tweakable both manually AND with MIDI in realtime mode.
  • So would I be correct in assuming if I ran a wtpa2 into my moogerfooger lp filter, I could get some "biscuit" sounding shit going on?
  • I just found the wording in the manual confusing ("doing whatever math problems you've set up") and nothing happened when I pressed the buttons, so I gave up. I really half-assed the effort to be honest.

    I'm really looking forward to the encoder business. 7 days and counting.....
  • I didn't get a wtpa1, but I thought it sounded like I would want a control surface for it. With the new design, do you think that will still be the case? Or is the interface a little more tweakable/user friendly?
  • The new one has 8 buttons (6 before) and 8 knobs (7 before), so there's definitely plenty to tweak with just there. Many people, including myself used it just as is, without MIDI.

    The old one, and probably new one(?) did require some multi-button presses to access certain things, but that's not too unfriendly I would think.
  • i'm even far behind with building the wtpas, not to speak of midi controllers.
    but you can do everything both channels in realtime too, with a controller.
  • I like using a controller a lot. The button combos will be easier this time (more buttons means that there will only be 2-button combos for audio stuff) however a MIDI controller really lets you tweak more easily.
  • This time around I'm going to build my favorite parameters into a DIY arduino-MIDI controller in the same enclosure.
  • So if I wanted to midibox a custom controller for all parameters on both channels, about how many knobs are we looking at?
  • Hm. A lot. I'll need to finish up the midi chart to figure out for sure.
  • If you're building a custom controller you can use a different switch for the bankselect button (DPST,if it isn't already) and have that flop over all the functions to bank2. So while you're in bank1 on the WTPA2, you're on bank1 on your controller, when you switch to bank2 on the WTPA2 (using the WTPA2's bank select button, lighting the appropriate onboard LED), all of your knobs/buttons control bank2 functions.

    It means you can't twiddle knobs on both at the same time, but it also means you need half as many knobs...
  • Well it's hypothetical of course, and there might be some parameters that I don't really need knobs for, but I like the idea of "one knob per function". Also If I take the effort to build something from scratch, I usually go ahead and just put everything I want in it. The extra effort/cost usually isn't all that much more than the trimmed down version, especially when we're talking diy electronics components.
  • Yeah that's true.
    Though I think there's a point of diminishing returns with the "one knob per function" where it becomes more control that is wanted/needed/useful.
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