WTPA2 Sneak Peeks!

Party People --
Just finished putting this together. Still too busy messing with the engineering to polish up the site, but thought I'd hook you guys up with an advance eyeball.
This is the final proto. The production model will have all kinds of bright colors, and the case might have more detail. But this is pretty close:




Getting close,


  • oh - definately needs unicorn and biggie on the pcb. make it flouerscent too, please?!
  • Biggie got bigger this time. And you know me. It ain't leaving the house if it ain't some kinda garish neon color.
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    give it to me... just... give it to me
  • And not a moment too soon!
    Can't wait to see the entire feature list.
  • That's fucking awesome!

    I'm a sucker for big knobs and buttons otherwise I'd be all over that bastard. Love the "save you 30minutes of your life" I/O board!

    I placed a big order from sparkfun a few days ago and some of it is backordered. If biggie shines down on me, I might be able to squeeze this into my next 'care package' over from my family in the US.
  • Yeah, what he said!
  • @rosch who's the dude?

    Nice x-ray cast T!
    I like the stand up resistors and the line
    of white LED's and microSD. Don't lose that
    -smaller than your little fingernail-disk.
    I'm wantIn one -100%!
    The Bentfest Line-up looks awesome
    with you and Gij!

    12:00pm-2:00pm – ExiTrip with Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci
    12:00pm-04:00pm – Intro to Circuit Bending with Pete Edwards
    2:30pm-04:30pm – Ed Bear – DIY PCB Fabrication
    04:00pm-06:00pm – Todd Michael Bailey – WTPA2

  • I totally wanna see that talk (and last years too).
  • Looks good! And im curious what else that uSD gizmo could find it's way into ;)
  • bigger, bader, rougher and tougher than his predecessor brother, in other words.. the party dominator!
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    W.B. (nope, sorry, it's Helmut now)
  • gimmie gimmie coco pops, with extra snappin turtles! That is fine, need one for each foot. WTPA? Why its in NYC at Todd's.
  • I managed sell off a bunch of used junk so I'll be joining the party nice and early too.
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    Didn't recognize the W. Buffett. Looks a bit older now.

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    Whoa it worked! Must remember to leave a space
    before and after the URL.
  • hehe that must have been right after the purchase
  • Just got out of his Tardis
  • It's getting close now!
  • Todd Todd, ooo, ooo! BIGG IDEA, silkscreen Warren!! With mandolin. WTPA$2
  • That first photo is of Erivan Haub, not Warren Buffett, and that's a ukelele, not a mandolin. I need a new kit to distract me from my nitpicking!
  • you're right, that could only happen to me. i didn't know any of the two. i just googled for pictures tagged "gierig"=greedy, then that picture showed up with a headline quoting Buffett: (something like) be greedy while others are fearful....
    i'll look for another pic!
  • Ha! Right now I'm just trying to get all this done. My assistant spent 10 hours yesterday tapping threads in plastic. I spent the same amount of time getting all the micro SD cards I have lying around to work correctly in WTPA2.
    Pretty sure there will still be a couple features I haven't implemented by Bent, which means there'll be another firmware update coming down the road. So, if a silkscreen of Warren Buffet would help me handle FIFOs better, I'd be all about it :-)
  • hehe that's hilarious! i'm a mystic too. i found the boards sporting biggy had slightly less glitches than the first attempt, also the smt job was easier
    (presoldered ha, ha)
  • Is it still going to be ISP programming or will it be sysex/MIDI?
  • If I was there now...etc.
    I'd do whatever you needed.
    Tap holes, screw holes, burn chips, assemble,
    clean & polish every WTPA2, start a riot
    with WTPA2? But I'm not -sadly, so you can
    have all my good luck this weekend, Todd.
    Hope it's a success and a great time is had by all!
    & plus one for an assembled with uSD card.
    My ears are droolin' like a brown lab!;-)
  • You guys are great. Thanks!

    The one released at bent will be updated only via programming. It's on the TODO list to make the thing programmable via MIDI, but it ain't gonna happen in the next 46 hours.
    Annoyingly, this means I also have to change my "I won't ship chips anymore" policy. My fault for not having it perfect by the release date.

  • Cool beans. I was planning on having the ISP headers accessible with the enclosure closed, so this means that's one less thing to deal with.

    Well us non-BENT folk be able to buy it 'on the day' too? (friday/online)
  • Originally I thought so, but now I think it makes more sense to wait until after Bent/Solid Sound so I can offer up the limited edition fluorescent green ones too if they're left over too. I want you guys to get dibs on any of the special ones that are left.
    I'll announce it here first (meaning put the link up) of course, probably Sunday night after I get home from the festival, and then announce the full release on Monday (meaning send it out to all the blogs) with the first shipment going out towards mid- or end- week.

    Sound cool?
  • "..if they're left over.."
    Not bloody likely? ;-)
    Although, selfishly I really pray there is.
    Afa pre-burned chips? I would pay for that
    "service" at the mo'. Not to tread on anyone's
    Wouldn't it be nice to say.. hook up SD card
    to laptop and unzip OS onto card, put card in
    to WTPA2 et voilà?
  • I bet there will be some leftovers. but we'll see...
    Yep, loading an OS from the SD card would totally rule. Perhaps I will shoot for that rather than the MIDI firmware updater. But that REALLY is a can of worms, especially with "drag and drop" support.
    A good idea though.
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