Jitter? (the sound of)

So what does jitter sound like?

Does anyone have a sound clip or wouldn't mind making a quick one?


  • Sounds hissy. It's really tricky to get the processor to fire the interrupts right for it, and it slows things down a bundle, and unless I'm doing something wrong it mostly sounds hissy.
  • Right, that doesn't sound quite as exciting.
  • Ain't no sound but there's a couple pictures of jitter included
    with explanations of jitter, rodrigo-
  • Thanks for that article! An interesting read. "Sinusoidal Jitter" introduces sidebands. Now that would be cool....
  • Great article, missing an "it" here "jitter is a problem because can cause" said grammar granny
    Stand out sections for me were:
    That those sidebands strike me as awfully simialr to the math of ring modulation?

    The section on pleasant masked jitter at 25 db below noise floor being noticeable and the shimmer of injected high feq jitter improving audio are also interesting.
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