Still getting a lot of clicking

I built my WTPA last year, thread is here:

I love it, but I get a lot of clicking in my loops. This can be cool sometimes, gives my otherwise droney loops some rhythm. But, as you might expect, I'd like to be able to turn the clicks off sometimes.

Mine is built on the non-kit PCB, I think it's version 1.0. I believe I followed the directions pretty closely from the v1 doc on the narrat1ve front page. I did not cut the trace under the MCU that some people mention.

A click usually happens right at the start of the loop, and then after a few repeats, I start getting more clicks, usually in a pattern that starts loud and each successive click is quieter, usually about 4 in a row. I tried to see if the clicks coincide with button presses, doesn't seem to be the case.

Anyone have suggestions on where to look? My audio lines are unshielded, and I could try shielding them, but can't really think of anything else to do.


  • Hey Livingston --
    What version of the firmware are you using? The first firmware version has an ADC related click. Check it:

    That'd be my first guess. An easy way to check is to turn the parameter control pot to different places before sampling and seeing whether that changes the behavior.
    Next guess would be an open or short address line on the RAM. If you slow down the rate before you sample, does it take longer to get to the first click?

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