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Hey guys,
I'm curious about something. Do any of you know when the LZX Industries Bitvision was first released? When did you all first hear about it?
Thanks y'all,


  • Is this an "official" type of question? Are you speaking specifically about the Bitvision thing or the other, modular stuff? I heard about the video modules probably around October or earlier, in 2010. After a reading recent article on, I visited their site and discovered this Bitvision thing. Looking deeper into it, I'm actually pretty interested.

    What happened, did they bite your shit?
  • Yeah, I heard about it a few months back - and I think it was just a kit for the austin workshop series at first. It's only been available to purchase fairly recently.
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    Thanks! I can't find reference on the net before November of last year. But I'm kind of a tard about that kind of thing and also pretty out of touch with the kit world.
    I figured you all might know more.

    I knew about the Visionary for awhile, and it totally kicks ass. Really pretty waveforms. Some dudes at Bent 2010 told me I should get in touch with the guy since we both did video stuff, and I did. He's sharp, for sure.

    But, to answer your question, yes: I'm specifically curious about the Bitvision. Come forth with that info.
  • Todd - a good place to get in touch and get more info on what he's been up to is at the muffwiggler forums - specifically the video synthesis section. It's an emergent community over the last few months -- people, schematics, ideas have been coming out of the woodwork. really good stuff.

    creatorlars is lars of LZX industries.
  • I found it when searching about after you did your bentfest build. There's the guy in nl who makes some. Lars started porting out kits at I noticed they were to come out in december or so, but there were delays and in the first week of January they got 7 kits (it had already been previewed in Austin at gigs). I ordered one off chad there on January 6. Before switchedon austin had been selling I think Lars' hacks of the atari video synth at the $6-700 range. Lar's main trip is developing a bugbrand modular series of cv video synth components. and muffwiggler. bitvision is a pro level pcb screen and aequick asy build, but the first batch had the atmel's loose in with the othr components and that introduced a glitch which was tracked down and is now fixed. He was quick to respond and sent me a new atmel and turned down my offer to pay for it. What I have not done is used his developers package which allows you to dump in your own paintshop images.
  • Update: Made a dumb mechanical toggle box 2 to one out rca, so: May 20/21 I'll be feeding audio of the mixer send to one of Lars' Bitvision video synths and a critter & guitari dearraindrop video scope, so in theory all video hell will break loose as i play at the noise festival. Never tried this live before but I found three 50' professional cables for it an the gallery has a big video projector so who knows. better living at 9V.
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