Interessant faders article on beatseqr site

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    Quiet!!! Sure is quiet in
  • sure is. Let's make an album or whatever it is elctronik nowdays. What a work week... bad---bad...bad
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    Tofino: Playing this weekend May 20/21 (not sure which night yet) at the 9th Victoria noise festival at open spaces gallery in victoria (see ) bringing two video synths to hook up to their projector and fine tuning my madness-rig. Too QUIET, maybe not with a 6000 watt PA w/subs. Free noiseplugs.
  • Woohoo-6k watts!! How big is open spaces?
    Recording/filming it? Wish I still lived in Vic.:(
  • Good size loft art gallery, white walls and three overhead projectors. A 50' cable and the rca adapter male/male i grabbed at the last moment was all I needed to tap into it. I fed both video synths off a y cord off on aux send. I chickned out on the leslie after I realized I couldn't lift it myself, let alone face all those stairs, so my compromise was to add a mutron biphase to the mixer outs.

    Also learned I'm too stupid and shouldn't be allowed to rent a mackie 1604 without a parental note. Wired everything into the outs on the back, in the dark with no power in the "greenroom" where we all setup our cardtables that get lugged out for each set. I wondered why I had no signal. But it probably looked like I meant to do that, duh! Back to the 1402.
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