stutter edit

here's something glitchy and buffer hopping.


  • a bit of live work with it.
  • Mostly what I envy about this, and simultaneously am relieved I don't have to deal with, is the fact that they have a bigass UI.
    WTPA is limited in many ways, but I really think the biggest limitation at this point is user input. Even with MIDI, the user has to be responsible for this making sense. Without MIDI (in caveman) you have to know the device really well, and there lots of limits to the options because it would be too hard and confusing to get at them. WTPA is an object as much as anything else.

    Also,they seem to have discovered the Big Red Come To Daddy button, which WTPA has yet to incorporate :-)

    Thanks for the videos!
  • Yeah, they've done a nice job with this. They built on the work of many apps that have come before - e.g.

  • Yeah, that really does have a Come to Daddy button. :)

    One thing I like about this stutter plugin the most is how it maps the different effects directly to midi keyboard. I think it'd be nice if WTPA had something similar, to make it easier to do certain things that you can do in caveman mode, but to switch directly too them and between them in a more advanced midi mode (without having to rely on a computer or sequencer).

    It also reminds me of something that I've mentioned on here before that I think it'd be cool if you could take the individual parts of a "glitched/granulated" sample and map them to the keyboard as well.
  • Could have a super caveman mode where it latches into a granular slice thing, then pressing the 8 buttons jumps around and/or reslices, or does something interesting, and you escape it by pressing the last 2/3. Sort of making an 8button MIDI keyboard for any given mode/effect.

    On an unrelated note, I saw one of those OTO biscuit things in person the other day. Very smart looking pieces of kit.
  • @rodrigro

    aren't they good looking? and considering they are actually built in france/paris the high price can be put in context... at least a little ;)

    personally I am not a fan of automated stutter and tend to do it myself- yes, the oldfashioned was... by hand. little slices ... the only way to get it right, imo.
    I will check out the demo though....
  • I like the sound of stuttery stuff, but not clinical like this. I prefer it to sound more erratic and non-synced.

    After seeing that teenage engineering thing, the biscuit doesn't seem so expensive anymore, heh.

    Still very eager beaver about WTPA2, and subsequent versions. Biscuit/OP-1 are pretty, but WTPA delivers the goods...
  • edited January 2011
    It's a great plugin, it really is.. But all the press it has generated kinda irks me a little. It's not a new effect. BT didn't invent it. And the likes of RJ has been at it for like, a decade or more. But these plugs do at least allow you a lot of live control, which I doubt RJ & co could do back in the day. I guess thats the key thing. You can do it all on the fly. Rather than spend hours cutting and pasting. Which 'may' sound better, but you can't pull that off on stage or whatever..
    Sugar-Bytes Effectrix (which I have) and Artillery are very similar plugins, have been around a while, and never drew this much press hype either.. And those are definitely worth a look too if you are into that kind of effect.
    Still, if you don't have a glitch plugin already, then Stutter Edit could well be the one to go for.

    WTPA is cool (of course!) but you can't get close to what these plugs can do on it. I also recently got a Biscuit (after saying on here somewhere that I wouldn't!) Another fine bit of kit ;) Although not exactly for glitch, unless you are manipulating the track/samples with something else as well.
  • a lot of people complain about the OP-1, mostly about its pricetag (not limitations). it looks like a modern beefed up version of a casio KX-101 and SK-1 crammed together in a stylish outfit that fits alongside your laptop in the same carry case. its not doing anything 'new'. 'stutter edit' sounds like a modern 'heizenbox' with a gui inspired by 'glitch'. none of those originals got this much airplay. though im commending 'sutter edit' for trying to bring the glitch to the mainstream, hopefully the masses will get scared, steer clear, and keep listening to justin _________. enter one of their surnames there... id still rather play with the DEP-1C ($55 EU) from and wait for the 2nd party...
  • Well I tried the demo of stutter edit today, and I agree with luap (also agree on the biscuit btw. ;) ) - it is an AWESOME plugin. Might get it before the 100 dollar price increase (not very cool move), the effects are very cool and blend perfect with the last beats I made. hm...

    I hate to say it, but I might get it.
  • I'm glad you guys are discussing this. Frankly, all of you know a lot more than me about what's out there now as far as features go with this kind of device, so when you've got opinions about what WTPA2 should do, that's really valuable to me.
    Thanks again,
  • Todd, have a go with the demo of this plugin then? It's fully featured for 10 days. You'll see what we're getting at, and perhaps you'll get a few ideas from it yourself?
    Perhaps give the Sugar-bytes stuff a whirl too. They make good plugs..

    Cia now brown cow.. oh, and happy February!
  • I'm rebuilding my WTPA 1.0 because I fucked up the board, and I was wondering if there was a way to change the way the sampler responds to the buttons. What I mean is, can I make S0 begin recording when I press the button down, and stop recording when I let it up? Do I need to reprogram the chip to that?
  • Yep, you would. Download the source, edit it, recompile it, and dump it back to the chip. You'll need a device programmer (like an stk500) but other than that the tools are free.
    Good luck!
  • Gotcha, looks like it's time to learn something new!
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