makenoise phonogene: sorta like a eurorack high-fidelity wtpa?

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Thought this might be relevant to some...


  • Seems interesting, but the whole modular thing is so offputting in the commitment needed.
    You can't just have one thing.

    Also harvestman has a similar type thing:
  • I realized I know Tony! He used to be in bands back in Chicago back in the day. Seems like he's doing well. Awesome.
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    "Seems interesting, but the whole modular thing is so offputting in the commitment needed. You can't just have one thing."

    I know what you mean.. However, Doepfer do make those dainty mini eurorack modular cases that you can get a few average sized modules into.. Ideal if you only want 2 or 3 modules, without going completely mad with a full on mad scientist modular rig.

    And while I am here.. Remember some time ago all my excitement about the Squarewave Parade Teaspoon pedal and Hexe Revolver Pedals? Squarewave Parade is going to produce a modular version of the Teaspoon too.
  • That's so petite and cute!

    Man, I lost interest in that squarewave "neverware" stuff long ago.
  • ^ I read a lot of comments like that prior to getting mine. But I used to check his site regularly regardless.. And eventually, it said they (Teaspoon Slights) were in stock! I promptly ordered and I got it.. Since then however, I think he's had quite some personal problems so he hasn't produced much, if anything at all. Although last I saw, he was still working on the modular Teaspoon.
    He never made anything like as many products as there was demand for though, which frustrated a lot of people im sure. I expect it will be the same for the Teaspoon Tether, which im sure will be "real" eventually..

    It could be worse! Look at Chimera synths.. Took a ton of deposits, and left people waiting for years. Only for the company to suddenly disappear.. At least SWP never took money for stuff he couldn't sell.
  • It's understandable, being busy and all, but he seemed to have handled it really poorly. Particularly when it went the route of 'sticking each individual one on ebay'.

    Hey, it's working for him, but he lost me (and probably others) as a potential customer in the process.
  • I forgot about the ebay thing.. It didn't fill me with joyous glee either (and I don't do ebay anyway). Still, I got what I wanted, direct. So I can't grumble..
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