Painting pots

One of the small irritations on the WTPA v1 was that the pots only have the recessed black indicator on them; with a quick glance, you can't tell where the pot is in its overall range. Turns out that it's pretty easy to just paint in that recessed mark with white paint. I did this first on my x0xi0, thanks to pointers from Brian Castro, the x0xi0 creator. He created some excellent how-to instructions, which work just fine for the WTPA since the pots are the same...

Hope this helps somebody!


  • Good call, and a good idea.
    It's worth noting that the pots are also sized such that a normal knob with a 1/4" diameter mounting hole will also fit on them. That was the original idea, but in practice pretty much nobody does it.
    The WTPA2 has longer pot shafts, for just this reason.

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