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Dear nerd friends--
I'm going to Tokyo for new years with my better half. Jon Gaiser hipped me to this weird synth palace that I'm hitting up:

Any of you have any pointers about it, or any other nerdy electronics / weird arcade / generally dorky type things, let me know. I'm bad about collecting this kind of arcana, but I bet some of you aren't :-)
Thanks, and happy holidays!


  • Jon Gaiser is your better half? Did I read that right?
    Anyway, have fun! That place looks like Synth Disneyland.
    If you don't mind, could you pick me up a few things? Uh, I'm all out of Juipter 8's and Yamaha CS-70M's. Oh wait, you may as well pick up an Arp Odyssey--you never know when you're going to need one of them!
    Jesus Christ.
    If you're at all into arcades, you have to hit up Big Box or Mikado. Those are the ones I've heard of.
    Um, I don't know.
    What are you looking to pick up?
  • Ha! Jon is a buddy. My better half is less minimal.
    I'm just looking for a fun time. I doubt I'll buy anything, but I will probably nerd out.

    I love arcades. I will hit those up for sure!
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    Tokyo, can't help but Osaka: beside the giant dumb wheel I rode, and beside the aquarium, which is huge and has this unbelievable jellyfish room, and teh tunnel and THE TANK, anyway that is where Japan's manga comic book museum is and it is big. Fave food in osaka: seafood pancakes with mugs of frosty beer served by a husband and wife owners, Elivis fans since the Korean war and have the hair to prove it it, he is Elvis the short order cook and she has the bees-knees beehive to end all beehives (forgedabut it B-52s, Osaka rules). I had help from a local scholar and bought some beautiful pearls to take home to my wife in one of the big departments stores. They grow them there it was a great deal, the 13 course all tofu dinner with cigarette smoke is a different story. The Shinto moss garden in Kyoto is a wow but a six month wait list to get in to calligraph your prayer and burn it before you walk through it. Buy Lonely Planet's Japan guide, its great. Hajuko stroll of course.
  • If you see a REON driftbox buy it. There is a big suitcase 6 voic e coming.

    "If thing of synthesizer, DTM, [terumin] and other electronic musical instruments to third town store. Please visit unhesitantly!"

    On a more serious and pompous tone setup a shop to be your Japanese distibutor, seriously. Find the cat who will translate the manual etc.
    I almost bought a miss kitty pink electricity guitar w/tuner.
  • Oh and play a gig. don't know if Ron moron has a link, check
  • Thanks for the tips, dudes. The trip was great. I was blown away by pretty much everything.
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