output issue

Okay so I didn't build this thing but something has been bothering me since day one. If I plug the output straight into my mixer all is well, but if I plug it into my modular synth (it has an audio input for plugging guitars or whatever into) I get a loud MMMMMMM with zero audio from the sampler and gate goes high and stays high (meaning it's getting some sort of signal but it's not audio signal)

I'm not real tech savvy but I have 2 guesses. Maybe the output jacks polarity is reversed? Or maybe the output jack isn't properly grounded? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  • I should clarify for those who aren't familiar with modular synths and what I mean by that gate comment. The module has a 1/4'' jack on it, if I plug a cable into it that isn't plugged into anything the "gate" is low, if I touch the cable with my finger the "gate" will go high, If audio passes through the cable the gate will go high as well. It's intended to be an envelope follower as well as a peak trigger.
  • Hey John --
    Good guess in the first post. Chances one of the audio jacks' polarity is reversed, or a ground wire is disconnected.
    I'd get out the iron and see if you can figure it out.
    If you are hesitant, you might also try running it on batteries and ONLY connecting it to the modular via the output (leave any other jacks disconnected).
    This will float your ground; if the polarity is reversed this will probably function like you expect. Then you can fix it properly.
  • Thanks for the response. I'm not sure mine can be run on batteries unless they hid that inside. I'll open it up and see what's going on, may report back with a photo of the "situation"
  • there are such battery clips with a power plug you could use to try that. cheap stuff. i had some but can't even find them now.
  • You could just try reversing the polarity on the output jack, if that's easier.
    Where'd you get a completed WTPA from?
  • I frequent the muffwiggler forum and buy and sell a lot there. I'd never heard of it when it popped up for sale but heard the words 8bit, sampling and midi and jumped on it :)
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