Disk Drive for AKAI S-612 - who wants one?

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For best offer or trade - figured if there was anyone who wants this beast it would be in this group of fellow grungy-sampler freaks.

I have an Akai MD-280 disk drive that I inherited from my dad. I also inherited its companion the Akai S-612. The 612 is not for sale, but I definitely have never needed to save sounds on it and don't think I will in the future either.

I am in between music studios, with my gear packed up in storage in a friends' basement while I identify a new space. I am taking the opportunity to downsize a little bit. I've been carrying this thing around - it's been wrapped in plastic, cardboard, bubble wrap - for over 10 years. It has the adaptor and a manual and some quick disks. Because of my situation with storage I have not been able to get everything in the same place to test it.

Best offer, including trades for tasty DIY project bits or money or whatever. I'd rather not piecemeal out the quick disks separately, but that could happen too I suppose.

It very likely works, as it was barely used after my dad got it (when it was released!) then kept safely stored in stable environments, ever since.

A loving, old skool sampler appreciating home would be great to find for this thing. :-)

paul "at symbol" community-library.net


  • nice sampler. i had one too, including the disk drive. sold it in an auction for about 120€ (together) 2 years back.
    wrong decision i have to admit. technically it's actually a successor of the electro harmonix 4 second replay (which i sold too)
  • Yeah I'd heard about the EHX connection. I would never get rid of my Akai S-612, especially since it has been 'in the family' for a long time...but the disk drive is just not going to get used!

    - Strategy
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