WTPA2 Development Update

Hey! Probably best to do this with an audio clip, but I got the flash save/load stuff done today and it's really exciting for all the reasons you'd expect, but ALSO it allows you to put the same sample in each bank, and there's a whole new world of cool phasey stuff that can go on. Also, the output recominations (multiply, AND, XOR) do awesome shit when the loops are the same but offset by a few samples.


  • Awesome Todd! We got a hint of this in the last firmware update for the original WTPA, when you could use Party Favor or other software to put the same sample in both banks - but the amount of the shift was still too coarse to get good phasing and other weird effects. Sounds like you've addressed that!
  • Ah! Right.
    WTPA2 will have the ability to load/dump samples via sysex so there should be all kinds of opportunity for this kind of nerdery.
  • @ Todd: Nice for the midi sample dump! Is this going to be custom or will it be midi SDS? If you have not implemented this yet, I recommend SDS since there are a number of tools out there already that convert any sample to a SDS compatible sample (Awave studio is a good one)
  • Whoa! That's why I keep you guys around. I had no idea about this format! Thanks, Altitude!
    I read the page you sent. Tell me more!
    Is this common? Do other samplers use it?

    This dump is bi-directional, yes? Both the master and slave can send a dump request, is that right? Your software supports that, right?
    Is there a FOSS software that handles this?
    Can Live do it?

    I'm glad there's a format for this (if it's useful) otherwise you would have had to implement this feature from the cli, and I know how you all love that :-)

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    oop. sorry for the delay. Awave is shareware (recycle and soundforge also work) and what I used when I owned a P2002 sampler. Yes it does go both ways. It also worked on my yamaha A series but that also had SDMI (scsi xfer) so I used that. I would venture to say that a lot of samplers support it.

    Transfers are slow but it works well. The way I used it was just to load up a sample (mostly drums since the P2k2 had a whopping 512K of RAM), chop in Awave and send it to the sampler. You choose the slot and the format (12bit for the P2k2) and that was it. Problem is that all the old utilities were for old windows and dont really work anymore. I did stumble accross this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bulkdumpr/ but I dont have anything to test it on right now.
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    I used Wavelab as a sample editor with my S2000, through SDS (circa 99). It's really a well-known standard implemented on all hardware samplers. IIRC, open-loop (MIDI out of the computer -> MIDI in of the sampler with no communication the other way round) was not supported in wavelab.
  • Some of my old Ensoniq sampler software (Mac-based IIRC) also used MIDI SDS to send samples back and forth. Nowadays I don't think it's used much, but it still would be nice to support it rather than coming up with some new protocol...
  • hi all
    for the mac users here you can find a free MIDI sample dump program for OSX 10.5/10.6 here: (scroll down and look for the program c6 in the TM-1 category)
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