No reverse while granularizing?

When I have a loop being chopped up by the granulize function (or whatever the official term for that is), and I attempt to go into reverse, it doesn't let me. So I set granulize off, reverse the loop, it reverses as it should, then I set granulize back on and the sample begins to play forwards again. What's going on here? Am I not allowed to have a loop both chopped up and with the audio in each slice playing backwards?


  • Sad but true. In WTPA v1.0 the granularizing only works going forwards.

    WTPA2 should fix this.
    As the different features got added into WTPA, the code for handling keeping track of sample location got a little convoluted. Now that there are a million possible cases for where a sample has to go next (looping or single shot, backwards or forwards, jumping to new grains, stopping at edit points or any combination of the above) I've had to think a little harder about how to make these cases generic.

    Depending on the solution to this it might be easy to port back to WTPA 1 but no promises.

  • Well, it's not exactly a big deal! I was wondering if I just was misunderstanding how to work that mode.
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