Questions about operating the party

Now that I've built and been using my WTPA, there are some things I'm curious about:

1) Is it possible to have only the active bank playing back? I figured that this would be the default mode, and changing banks would swap between playing bank A and B, while pausing the inactive one. But it seems to be the default to have them combined in additive (mix) mode. Is there some way to change this behavior or do I have to manually pause one when switching to the other?

2) There's no way to copy a loop from one bank to the other, is there? So you could record your beat or whatever, copy it over and mangle it all up, then switch back to the clean loop, etc.? Or have 2 identical loops slightly out of phase for manual flange/Steve Reich junk?

I guess if there's no way to do this natively, what I could do is have a switch to route the output back to the input, and then (while muting throughput to stop shrieking feedback) playback from loop A while recording into loop B. It's a clumsy hack, but I guess it would work.


  • both channels are running separately. via buttons you have to change to the bank and start/stop the playback there. but if you play it via midi it's much easier. and you have total ctrl
  • Hmm, I guess I need to mount my MIDI jack and wire it up. I only have a MIDI keyboard with no drum pads or anything, but I guess it should be possible to play it with the keys, right? Must now delve into the MIDI implementation...
  • Don't forget to try the Party Favor software when you are MIDI-enabled:
  • Cool software! I'm actually on a (somewhat stubborn) quest to remove computers from my music-making. At one point I got rid of all my hardware and started doing all my effects and looping in software (quite vanguard for a bass player in 2005), but have since gone the complete opposite direction and am attempting to do everything without computers, even where it means learning to program microcontrollers to do things that computers could do easily (like send sysex).

    However, if the Biggie image were animated like the singing monk in the Delay Lama VST, I may just change my mind. A version 2.0 perhaps?
  • Actually, the progress indicator moves in his mouth when sending the sample - not quite animation, but good enough for ya? ;-)
  • Ok, you got me on the hook. I definitely have to download it now.
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