I'm stomping all over your party: my build report with photos

Here's my WTPA I just built:


I was a bass player for a number of years, and even though I now mostly play keyboard stuff, and I mostly play sitting on the floor, I still build all of my equipment in stompbox format. Since I know how much Todd hates guitars, guitarists, and pedal loopers, I know this will bring him some anguish. Sorry Todd.

So I had to do most everything off-board to make it work. I found this awesome weird old box at the hardware store, which was so old as to be literally covered in dust and cobwebs. It was a circuit breaker box I think. It has lots of random punch outs and bulbous protrusions, and I tried to use them where I could (like raising the upper switches by putting them in the bulbous protrusions, so I can stomp them without hitting the front ones), but in some cases I just had to work around it (note the warped text over the play button).

Offboard wiring is lame! I hate it. But I did it for some reason. So all the LEDs are next to their respective switches, etc. I added an expression jacks for the parameter knob, and though I haven't used it yet, I'm imagining some weird stuff by tweaking the loop window around with my foot.

This guy worked on the first startup, amazingly. I'm pretty sure everything is working as it should. The only major issue is that I have some pretty loud clicks happening. This is very probably to do with my wiring: I have the audio I/O running right by all the switch wires. D'oh. I will see if moving this or shielding it fixes the problem.

So, enormous thanks to Todd for this awesome project! It's a lot of fun. I've got another board and chip, and the next time I'm going to wuss out and do everything on board as Todd intended, because doing that wiring was terrible.


  • That's awesome. I might build a WTPA2 into a foot friendly version.
  • Nice work!!
  • cool! nice idea, the expression in, also!
  • Thanks guys. This is definitely among my favorite items of equipment already. I've been evangelizing all around the web about the WTPA, to get more people interested in it. I think there was some skepticism, even from me, about how well this would do within the paradigm of a looper for instruments, as opposed to sampling pre-recorded music. Once I sort out the clicking/popping and maybe tack a lowpass filter on the end, I really think this can be used like a plain jane pedal looper, in addition to the crazy weirdness.

    By the way, I have plans for the little knockouts on the side: since they looked to me like little staggered submarine portholes, I plan to put photos of a few of my intellectual heroes there, as if they were on a submerged voyage of the damned. I'm thinking Darwin and my favorite composer, Harry Partch, to start. I have some others in mind but I feel they really must be dead guys or at least have grey beards for it to be a proper damned voyage.
  • Very nice! Built like a tank,I like!
    I share your aversion to all them wires. When I was building the kit, the artsy side of my brain said why don't you wire everything off the board. Hmmm.....yeah I could do that (as my brain was floating in the clouds)..... then one second later the rational side said"No bloody way! You hate wires- DO IT as Todd intended." Boy am I glad I listened.......and I didn't have to get smacked on head again :>) Plus I saved a bucket load for swear words for a better, more deserving future occasion.
  • Ha!
    One day I'll post some pics of my guitar collection for you all. It's the sting of a lover spurned.
    Kickass work! That box looks great.

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