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  • Ha! CK actually seems like an OK guy, but there are waaaay too many buttons and readouts in binary on WTPA2 to appeal much. Also, it's gaudy.
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    gaudi gaudy? A long winding bench in Barcelona? So how's the new digs I see you did the big bug out. Looked like a nice loft.

    On a totaly new tack, I am loving the EH Freeze pedal it is so simple its nuts, its almost as if I bought a pedal that does nothing, but it is my current secret weapon. Might buy more. It is the mother of all anti-pedals. Yet if someone asked what it does it almost doesn't seem to do anything, until they notice you stopped playing a few seconds ago or are now harmonizing with what you aren't playing but it isn't a looper. It is so smooth. wow.
  • Haha, Mr Baily, I have to congratulate you.
    I've never seen such demand for a product that hasn't even been released yet.
    You are clearly in possession of something remarkable.
    Been watching this thread for quite a while - can't imagine the heart attack I'll get when this is actually released.
    It's like having Christmas once a year but not knowing which day it is until it happens.
    I do understand the pressures of work, so it's always understandable when one's passions take a backseat.
    Best of luck and wish you all the best! :)
  • Thanks again!
    Another big non-CK motivation is the fact that I just moved to a new shop. 300 WTPA2 units plus accessories actually take up a surprising amount of square footage.
    Better they be taking up feet in all of your houses. Or meters, in some of your cases.
  • With you all the way, Todd, looking forward to WTPA2. There's a WTPA2 shaped space in my place.
  • I'll store two!
  • Todd: on analogue heaven there was a serious discussion of the need for someone to make an old 8/12 bit sampler with a good filter and an sd card and a keyboard that plays waves/s900 etc and has a fat crunchy sound. If you wanted to doa mainstream thing as well they want it out there. I know, not your style.
  • I'm kinda one day at a time about what my style is these days. I basically just want to work on challenging shit and never run a tape gun.
    WTPA1 started out as a prop for a lecture. CK's robot doors started out with somebody asking me if I could design them an audio amp. So we'll see what happens once I get thumb-twiddly.
    Olivier and a handful of other people out there have really done great with business selling finished designs, and have definitely proved that it's a viable path.
  • Know what you mean tom bugs is shutting things down for two months, perhaps ending modulars. He's moving to Sweden for two months, what he will do next is up in the air, might go back to it, might not, change is happening. Rob senso at vintage planet is recovering from two shunts in his heart and that in itself is a happy ending.
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    SHANKED for a WTPA! Nah. Well cant speak for all nerdom. Crushing a can myself after resolving radek's ROM block card install (no instructions) for a K2000 keyboard. He shrank a 7" daughtercard and two 4'"Rom blocks that hang off it into a three chip single 4" card that uses the same socket. Lower power way less space, better cooling. lovely. Discovered the mystery jumper that made it all come to life: J7. Learning how to play Ta daaaah! Thank -u Radosław Kwiecień!
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    In the meanwhile the new Sonic Potions drumsynth sold out 100 copies in half an hour ... http://www.sonic-potions.de/
    I think the DIY scene is growing... so if the WPTA2 gets a release it would be 300 in 1,5 hour?
  • ... still following this thread meticulously! It will be so perfect when it comes to reality....
  • Yupe I startyed to buy at 31, messed up by byc art, fixed refreshed, down to 3 redid shipping and, out of stock gone. Went fast. Next uber nerd diy is the 2600 kit.
  • Hello all, just a lurker registering my interest!
  • I think i will have some time in october to build a WTPA2...
  • good luck ;)
  • So CK's job is pretty close to done. I've got a bit of time now. I admit to playing hookey and working on another fun project (http://blog.narrat1ve.com/2013/08/08/vectors-or-my-man-inf-left-a-vec-and-a-9-at-my-crib/) but now is the most time I've had in the last few years, so I'm excited to get these WTPA2s out the door. October is not crazy :-)
  • October 2013? Really? No... seriously? (y)
  • cool!
    looking forward to see this forum resurrected too :D
  • I'm not crazy :D I'm not crazy :D I'm not crazy :D I'm not crazy :D I'm not crazy :D I'm not crazy :D
  • October? The vector game looks awesome.... but first WTPA2!!!
  • I am really excited
  • WTPA2 and TTSH! Ohno! Thats me doing nothing else till christmas.
  • Breaking Bad is almost finished. 6 years!

    Touch it. Touch that new WTPA-2 firmware.


  • tofino The Orb bailed tonight on us over here. Sigh. Re microgranny Its not yet grabbing me as a live tool, drifted back to see wot wot wtpa? where is the partay at, dunno, feeling like rip van wrinkled.
  • Sorry to hear about orbital's "lack of attendance". Last time I saw the orbital was at a rave at a drive-in movie lot.
    Had hopes for the micro-granny AND still
    for the WTPA-2. Whaddya say? One last big great push for the finish line?

    I went to see the Buchla exibit yesterday, and ended up helping the man himself, along with his wife, for their show/lecture last nite at the New Forms Festival. Briefly chatted with both of them late Thursday nite.
    I doubt I'll ever afford a buchla, motm, serge, etc. but it was awesome to talk to, and hear the wisdom and humor
    of one of the elder statesman of music machines from the last 50+ years. Anne-Marie was a breath of fresh air, too!
  • very coool ricky7 was heavily involved in it, been playing noisers over here, Worker palyed one with a rock all changed up with contact mikes and shorting jacks plugged into his pedal setup, used a whacking huge rock out of the local neighbourhood. about 3 bands I know are playing rifflandia as part of teh local input.
  • Yaay for October!
  • Posting because I'm interested in a full kit as well.
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