Malware on the Narrat1ve main site?

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I'm trying to go onto the site, but my browser is popping up a malware warning and telling me not to continue. Any idea what's up?


  • no warnings here, hm
  • Well, it's not doing it for me anymore either... oh well.

    In more interesting news, finally got my WTPA boards and chips! Photos to follow...
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    Actually I got a Java 6 update immediately followed by several warnings for trojan.downloader:w32/Agent.DKEA file des.jar
    Its a trojan alright and kept trying everyfew minutes. If you got nothing then upgrade your virus protection.
  • i got the malware warning now, too
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    Yeah, I've been getting it a lot on the main site still. I guess the sampler/Barbie career is not going as planned, and Todd is now forced to phish for our bank account numbers just to keep him afloat in Moet. A sad state indeed!
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    I passed this on to Todd, he's travelling right now and will fix it on his return.
  • Shit. On it..
    Thanks, Sealion.
    NB: My scope has never gotten "malware".
  • I can't find anything in the logs. I sicked the tech support dudes over at my hosting site on it to see what they can see.
  • OK. Let me know what you all see. I've got to upgrade the forum soon too, but the site should be clean. I think.
    The web is for suckers.
  • this shows up immediately after the site builds up. all the german stuff is just a malware warning, says contains elements of the website that apparently hosts malware... blabla

    Warnung: Durch das Aufrufen dieser Website wird Ihr Computer möglicherweise beschädigt!
    Die Website unter enthält Elemente der Website, die anscheinend Malware hostet, also Software, die den Computer beschädigen oder anderweitig ohne Ihre Zustimmung agieren kann. Schon der Besuch einer Website, die Malware enthält, kann den Computer infizieren.
    Detaillierte Informationen zu den Problemen mit diesen Elementen erhalten Sie auf der folgenden Google-Seite: SafeBrowsing Diagnoseseite für
    Weitere Informationen zum Selbstschutz vor schädlicher Software im Internet.
    Mir ist bewusst, dass mein Computer durch Aufrufen dieser Website beschädigt werden kann.
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    Huh. Well shit, not sure what to do or say. I've checked it over as best I can, updated everything (except this damn forum which is more of a pain) and so did the mediatemple people. Google seems to think it's clean too. I'm a little bit at a loss for what to do next. None of my computers throw up any warnings.

    Any suggestions?

  • Viewing site with Safari and Firefox, iPhone and MacBook
    respectively and all looks fine. No solution-granted- but
    -1< variable. :-/
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    I'm no longer getting a warning. Running Safari in XP on an old-timey dinosaur computer.
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