Where's the Porta-Party At?

So what are the odds of an iPhone/iPad Party in the future?
Since most of the joy happens in software, it would stand to reason that having a fast/capable hardware platform would be pretty juicy.

I could see the coding being very different, particularly with GUI and touch interface and all that, but hot damn would it be awesome.

This is what got me thinking of it:

(The start of the video is lame. It starts getting cool circa the 40sec mark.)


  • I recently bought that app (now called SoundYeah), and it's brutally awesome.

    I just got an AmpliTube iRig cable/adapter thing to try it in my setup. I might live very happy along side my WTPA1.
  • Interesting. I do have a stupid shitty developer license and dumb old mac for some stuff I did for another client.
    I kinda don't love programming for the iFamily, cause you know, I'm too cool for that, but it would be fun to see it in iTunes. And no shipping!
    I wonder how much scratch any developer really makes on that shix.
    Thanks for the heads up,
  • I'm sure the 'Doodle Jump' guy is doing alright, with however many million downloads.
    Apple takes their slice, but that's still crazy moola.

    It would be amazing to see an iWTPA (lol), particularly since there are very few "real" music apps for these things. Lots of gadget/toys. That SoundYeah one is the first one that seem straight up real.
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