Bare boards? Definite feature set?

Will WTPA V2 be available as a bare board, for those not into kits?

And, I have looked and searched through the site and the forum, but haven't found any definitive info on what the WTPA2 has/does that sets it apart from the first version, other than much longer sample time - and that is a cool feature. Is there anywhere where a newcomer to the Party could get an idea of what makes the WTPA2 different?

I notice still no silkscreen or soldermask on your proto boards. ;) Don't know who you're getting protos from, but I always get mine from Quality boards, fast, and very cheap for proto quantities. I just typed in 7" x 5" (my guess as to the size of the WTPA board) to their little calculator thing, and you can get 5 boards in 5 days for $110, with silkscreen and soldermask. Since I'm new to this site it may look like I'm a shill for these guys, but I do PCB group orders for DIYers, and I make effects professionally so I have investigated a lot of PCB fab houses.


  • livingston (taylor (an aside to that LT, not well known writer, his albums, nice version of over the rainbow, and livingston's gone to texas is a fine piece of work...) Todd's day job is circuit design for tricky issues in things like toy design custom work for artists etc, does pcb & orginal design work for v. large scale manufacturers, so he's seen a lot of that, hangs with lady ada, etc, fair comment. Welcome to the party. Like your circuit work.
  • Thanks, I assumed he's well-informed on all that, just thought I'd throw it out there since I saw in an old post of his something to the effect of "protip: get rich so you can afford proto boards with soldermask, it will save you endless headaches". To me the extra 40 bones or whatever is well worth it, especially because it also allows to check that the silk screen layer is readable and doesn't have any glitches, which will in turn save all the support time involved in telling a hundred people who haven't read the manual that the LED leads were reversed or whatever.
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