Max sample time?

I'm about to build a WTPA using a bare board. If I'm reading the info on the website properly, the max sample time is 26 seconds at 20k sample rate. Is it safe to extrapolate from here that you get 52 seconds at 10k, and so on, or are there any caveats here?

And overdubbing works as in a looper pedal, correct? I.E., the audio is resampled each time around, so that whatever the max time is (26sec at 20khz), you have this same amount of time no matter how many layers of overdub you do, right?


  • hi livingston!
    i don't know the exact sampling time at lowest rate, but can check it out tonight!

    question 2: the new audio is added to the existing all the time you're overdubbing. the sample length is determined by how long your first recording was. but you can for example record first at high rate, then lower the rate and overdub with any new speed you like.
    cool project. enjoy!
  • Ah, interesting, I guess what I meant with the second question is: some loopers/samplers allot a segment of loop memory for every "layer" - so if you have a minute of recording time, you can have one minute-long loop, or two 30-second loops, or four 15 second loops, etc. but the max time gets shortened each time you record a new layer. I was fairly sure the WTPA doesn't work like this, but just wanted to be sure because that would be a bummer!

    BTW, are you Roger from Germany? If so, I'm the guy "taylor" who did the Echo Base, Gristleizer, and tap tempo tremolo PCBs, I think you bought one or a few from me. The internet is a surprisingly small world (at least as far as nerdy niches like DIY electronic instruments...)
  • cool- yep that's me!
    & i'm having much fun with the echo base. i'll put it in some nice case soon, also the WTPA & Shruti. i haven't started with the tap tempo tremolo yet, but it's one of the next things on my list.
    regarding the WTPA sample memory i believe you could also use up its entire memory for just one sample, so it's very flexible actually. you just can't delete single layers etc.
  • no undo for layers, what i like about it is its a true improv machine -- you dig in and if you make a mistake live, you are forced to react to it and use it or remanipulate it. cheater free, a very honest direct machine.
  • Yeah, I'm fine with no undo. I do more experimental, layered stuff rather than beat-oriented stuff, so that's not really an issue for me. Basically I like long times and lots of layers, so I wanted to make sure that was possible with this guy, and I'm pretty sure it is. Although I'd love 7 minutes or whatever the WTPA2 is going to have, a minute or so at 10khz will do the job just fine for now.

    I've actually coded up a looper with only a second of recording time at 32khz, which can then be stretched out up to 2 minutes. The 2 minutes setting is ridiculous and unusable (250HZ sample rate!) but it's fairly usable for bass/guitar/keyboards even at 8 seconds, which would be 4khz sample rate. So 10k is fine for me, might require a 4-pole lowpass after it, but that's fine.
  • so how long is your maximum sample time now? i recorded about 3 minutes yesterday, but the resolution then downsized automatically... is this normal or a bug in my machine? (a nice bug)
  • A WTPA1 has 512k of SRAM, which is ~24 seconds at a 22050 sample rate, 64 seconds at 8kHz, etc etc. Sample time is directly proportional to sample rate.
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