Todd: idea for something cool for the post wtpa2 time

todd have you seen this:

I wonder: wouldn't sth like that be an awesome diy project? a sequencable bitcrusher/delay/filter. that would be the titties! I know the oto bisquit exists already,but it costs a whoopin 520 euros a pop! 0_0

todd and crew, what do you think?


  • Yeah, those things are pricey. But it is very cool. But to spend so much on something so lofi seems a bit, odd!?
    The live processing mode of the WTPA is actually very similar to this though. Although I have not tried automating that side of it with midi yet. But it should work? Not quite as hands on perhaps, but quite doable.
    The Biscuit is also stereo, which is perhaps a bit pointless on a lofi effect like this? Plus it's easy to make a mono file into stereo using any number of stereo effects if you want.
    The Biscuit also has a decent analogue filter I believe?
    I do like it, and despite my recent spending spree on glitchy gadgets, im not quite sure I could justify €500+ on one of those!? Again, particularly when the WTPA does some quite similar things already.

    Oto have some other neat projects in the works though. So they are a company worth keeping an eye on for sure.
  • site is down. what else have they got in the works?
  • luap - do you have an inside scoop what oto is working on?
  • He hasn't given much information away. And evidently he hasn't finalised specs for his next project either. But he mentioned a little while ago on some forum (might have been Gearslutz) that he intends to make a 12 bit effects box. Not for bit crushing though, like the Biscuit does.. More like 12 bit delays/reverb etc I believe.
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    There are some fancy things in the circuit (true bypass), but for the rest of it, you pay for the build quality, fancy encoders/buttons, and the designer's parisian flat :D If I remember well, the filter is a 2-pole SVF.

    To me it seems pretty straightforward to design something with the same feature set for 50€ of parts at Reichelt if you don't mind using standard LEDs, pushbuttons and those ubiquitous Alps encoders. Higher end dsPIC (those with 32kb of RAM, half a second of stereo delay at 32kHz) or a 644p with an external RAM chip.

    I won't do it, though :D
  • first - i want all the fancy lights!!!

    second: why don't you try? could be a nice filler between the shruthi1 and the sequencer! :)
  • luap - nice! did he give you a rough estimation when he plans to release that 12bit pandora?
  • @blue_lu: I just feel I wouldn't learn much by doing it - it would be too close to a rehash of the Shruthi, with some audio read from a DAC and/or a RAM chip instead of computed oscillators.

    Also, I've worked quite a lot on the Shruthi-1, and I'd like to slow down a bit, before being taken by the logistics of kit preparation and shipping! And someone will have to pay for all those proto boards :D
  • Oops, I forgot to mention that. Yes, all he said was some time in 2011...

    (Ps, im a sucker for ze fancy flashing lights too!)
  • luap, thanks for the info! if the bisquit wouldn't be as expensive as it is, i would have snatched one up real quick! instead i bought a bitcrusher from scott monk. the pedal has eight modes, a couple are automated via avr. i also bought the fax machine. both pedal are very cool... check him out at
    he also has some nerdy links on this site!
  • pichenettes, just saw your answer - sorry.

    that is too bad. i am, of course , excited to see the new shruthi1! I hope you change your mind though, haha! maybe throw together a perf version everyone has to do themselves?! ;)
  • Sorry to come late to this.
    W/r/t sequenceable bit crushing, the WTPA can totally do that. There's no reason it couldn't do delay, too, since it has the RAM to do it. It could even do a really crappy software filter, although I probably won't mess with that too much.

    W/r/t the bisquit, it's not my aesthetic but I can totally see why old boy did that the way he did. It's nice to sell something that looks cool, and that you don't have to support builds for, AND that don't have to ship a ton of units of to make money. Selling one expensive thing a week or 10 cheap things is a big difference in the amount of time you touch bubble wrap. Olivier is probably learning that now :-)

    So, yep, how about I just add delay to WTPA2?
  • "So, yep, how about I just add delay to WTPA2?"

    In a Teaspoon/Revolver stylee? Yes please!
  • todd, yes please! also: crappy software filter FTW! :)
  • You guys will make a programmer out of me yet.
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    OTTO site gone, i smell bought out by big guys or gone? Rumours here....
  • I know you guys are gonna hate, but I don't care ;)

    I bought a biscuit - and have it here since two weeks. Long story short, it is a marvelous piece of equipment.

    As far as the site goes - I think Denis from Oto is currently occupied with designing his next machine (the one luap is talking about). Four weeks ago he said the website would be up last week... so it should happen every day now.
  • Hey blue lu.. There will be no hatin from me! I like it.. I just thought it costly. But it's still mighty cool none the less :)
  • honestly - while it sells for a lot of money, I can completely understand where all this money goes to. the biscuit is just that well made. nothing rattles or is wobbly, the pots feel really nice and the buttons are heaven! This thing is so well designed - even the markings on the back regarding the I/O are reversed - so that you can easily read them when plugging stuff in. Its these little things that make it so special. Also - the filter... I love it!

    Also most of it is french made / produced - read about it here:

    Sorry for the spam. If any of you think about making the jump - I encourage you. It is a really really nice little device! :)

  • It's not spam any more than me harking on about the Teaspoon and Hexe Revolver pedals were spam! :D (Come to think of it, I probably spent as much on those as a Biscuit cost too)
    I'd probably get one, if I were not so well covered for that effect already. It certainly looks very nicely made.. Still, im interested to see what Otto comes up with next.
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