all lights on after bootup

Probably a dumb mistake- just finished version 1.0 board build. I double checked every modification to make sure I didn't forget something.
LED2 blinks for 10 secs or so (normal). Then all the leds turn on- blinking very quickly in unison- blinking faster and faster until they stay permanently lit up.
I'm using battery power- measuring 8.85 volts.


  • I've warned it, tomorrow, out comes the probe!
  • Well I printed the 1.01 schematic as a rough guide for my 1.0 board.
    downloaded the datasheets for all the ICs and proceeded to probe the hell out of the party board!

    I've double checked all component placements as per sealion's additional notes-(big thanks for your sticky!)seems OK
    All IC's have power
    however now,when I connect the battery - all the LEDs come on immediately. Gone is the initial flashing LED2 and gone too is the rapidly blinking LEDs that followed the initial flashing of the LED2. It doesn't matter how long I leave the battery disconnected, solid lights are all present and accounted for when the juice is added.
    I've swapped out IC8- thinking it might have something to do with the LEDs- no difference.

    Any ideas?

    Oh, Also no sound out when I send audio in

    Not ready to do the Basil fling just yet....
  • Hmm. If it was a problem which arose (initially) after the thing had been on for awhile, it's probably worth trying to eliminate the battery as a culprit.
    Can you try using a 9v DC supply instead? If you can, try doing this with nothing else connected and see what happens.
    If you can't, try using a fresh 9v and still disconnecting everything else.
    Can you pass audio when all the lights are lit up?
  • Hi Todd- I swear I will NEVER EVER use a battery again!Found a 9 volt 650 mA adapter and I'm back in the saddle for now. Didn't want to miss the party. Fingers crossed.
    For this oversight I truly need to be smacked on head by Basil
    To which Basil replies-" you'll have to excuse him.... he's from Canada.It's hard to get good hired help nowadays"
  • And thanks alot Todd much appreciated and looking forward to the next version
  • No problem! Sorry to take so long to reply.
    FWIW, the next WTPA should be a little less power hungry and a little more battery friendly, although I still hate 9 volts.
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