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Party People,
So in anticipation of the FLOODGATES opening when WTPA2 drops,
I made a new site:

Peep it and let me know what you think!
I totally want and welcome and invite anything you have to say, because, well, you know I'm not so good at teh Interwebz.

Thanks in advance!


  • oh man, nice! strirring the pot, eh ;)

    I am sooo excited for wtpa2!
  • Taking it back to HTML 1.1 with this joint! I feel like I want to play Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and drink Crystal Pepsi.
    In all seriousness (and nerdiness), I would say that it looks very functional and will serve your consumers well.
    Anything I would recommend would sound pedantic and it doesn't matter anyway; it's the content that matters.

    Nice job and I can't wait for more hardcore WTPA 2 ("Suge Knight Strikes Back") info!
  • It's like... All new! And orderly! And retro man! *leans back in amazement*
    It should do nicely :)
  • Way to go old school Todd - I've been saying this since 2001- websites need to get flatter, and more informational again, and filled with hyperlinks that are mixed in with the text. Note the flatness of my label website:

    Flat, people. NO animations or shenanigans- get in, and get out!

    - Strategy
  • not so good at teh interwebz... your website never reminded me of facebook, that's a good thing!
  • Ha!
    Cool. Well if it gets the "crystal pepsi and information-first award" from you all, I guess it's ready to go out into the world. Thanks!
    Working on VCO stuff today. I'll holler atcha about it.
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    Hey strategy, going to Portland at the end of august, family dog westphalia great southern expidtion. Any odd noise improv things happening last week of august?
  • There are odd noise improv things going on pretty much constantly, possibly too early to know yet!~ there is a portland noise forum but I can't remember what it's called. I'm only partially cool enough to actually hear about all the things going on but if I hear about something I'll post it here!
  • thanks, next week the Renton PNW synth meet blast out for John marshall
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