Doepfer Bitcrusher

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Hm, interesting. Muy interesante as the Spanish say.

I don't have anything in Eurorack, just building up my own random sized form factor modular system (read: a pile of prototype aluminum panels I picked up at a surplus shop).

Interfacing the WTPA into the rig would nifty alright. Anyone else got plans for that kind of nonsense?

This is promising to use as a VC clock:


  • Yep -- it's an MCU and a DAC08. Pretty similar to WTPA or really any old sampler. The magic is inside the brain.
    That datasheet is about the magic of the LM331 which is a slammin V-to-F IC which originally I had spec'd as the clock chip for WTPA2, but I'm pretty sure I can get weirder (if less accurate) performance (for less dough) from a PLL.
    Thanks for the links!
  • Doepfer 189-1 is cool but the WMD Geiger counter is insane. Me owns both :)
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