Do C19 and C22 HAVE to be non polarized?

hi guys,
i have to put them on the backside and got me some new caps, but they're polarized. i haven't noticed it before.
will they work here or do the 1uF caps need polarity?


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    i've found some "bipolar" caps at Farnell. will they work as replacement?
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    already bought some on ebay:
  • Yep, they probably should be bipolar. Sorry to be slow!
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    no problem, i got them today, desoldered the old guys from top, wrecked at least one soldering pad on the bottom but somehow managed to "connect" them on the bottom side (the pads on the top side are still there).
    i immediately tested, result:
    now i have noise. there's a high pitched squealing under certain circumstances:
    when i talk into my selfmade microphone (former headphone speaker) there's nothing (apparently)
    when _playing_ the Shruti-1 via the WTPA it's all fine sound as usual
    when _sampling_ line level from the Shruti it makes this noise- but just when the signal's loud. when i stop the sequencer (& synth) the noise dies with the envelope.

    strange... seems like i've finally wrecked it, uh? or should i maybe take the caps out again (just clip, i got 25) and try to attach them carefully to the final points the original connection led to? or should i order 2 more boards for all my MCU's? (hehehe)

    i've already turned the audio in connector 20 times as this was the source last time when i thought i'd wrecked it (when changing the polarized electrolytics a few days ago), but nothing changed.

    i'll try it tonight again, maybe record a demo.
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    it was not WTPA related this time (maybe)
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