Mouser BOM for WTPA 1.00

So I just ordered another WTPA board, but since there are no more 1.01 boards I ordered a 1.00, and this means that I actually have to do the work of collecting all the parts (one of my least favorite things to do.) But I decided to use Mouser's project manager for the first time. I've started compiling a list of parts from Todd's BOM for 1.01, and I'll add the corrections for the 1.00 boards later. It's late, I'm tired, if this doesn't make sense, that's why. If you put it all together and it opens a portal into another dimension, blame sleep deprivation.

As you'll see, a few components, resistors and 8 pin IC sockets have to be ordered in bulk, but I left them up there as a reference for now. It's also lacking the tact switches (I think I'll try some big arcade buttons or something this time) and the stuff that comes in the goody bag, such as 1/4 jacks, midi, power, headers, etc.

So if this can be of any use to anyone else, great. I figured I went to the trouble of using this so someone else might not have to, if it helps someone else, awesome.

So hopefully this link will send you to mouser with a list of parts...
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