What is the funkiest music you know?!

Yeah, sorry to disrupt the general nerdery on here... but maybe we can talk music for a minute. so what song does you get to move?!
I am not talking any specific genre( even though I wrote funky) - post whatever you like. Maybe everyone can post a new artist as well as an older track...
My picks - new artist = dorian concept.

classic = zapp and roger (i just dicvoered these guys, funky as shit!)

now post away - I need some musical input! :)


  • Skweeeeeeeee!

    This stuff is the shit - has a lot of hip hop influence too.

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    Nah, blue_lu you won the thread with your initial post. Zapp and Roger and Talkbox (the original Autotune).

    I counter with these funky bits:


  • Funky?

    This tickles my pickle.

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    amen break but it goes
  • and of course:
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcz0h5fBSuw
  • woah, cool stuff! thanks for posting and keep it coming!
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    One of my fav basslines
  • mm cassius, i like their 1999 very much!
    but here's something else:
  • Spent last night in a room with 500 people with our arms in the air loving it with Public Enemy. Talked with Chuck D, his brother and Keith Shocklee of Bomb Squad in the green room afterwards. That IS the funk.
  • Forgot about this one: saw that tour in Ottawa many years ago. Is rocks funk?
  • oh pleeez, if you are going to come with Ministry, try again:

  • 25 years ago…this was pretty funky for bass.
  • This funks;
  • Indeed.

    I actually thought about posting that exact video here a couple of days ago. I had to do a double/triple take to make sure it wasn't me who posted it without remembering.

    Chris Dave is a beast of a drummer, but man, he plays in some shitty groups. It's hard to actually listen to much of the music as a result.
  • I think I found it via your utube page Friday night. Love the drums bigtime, want more maniac sax (raised on evan parker & lol coxhill) but I had no idea who the bass player was. Duh,: Miles Davis, Parliament, Clinton, Prince, etc. Wanted to get out the tom bugs and wtpa and crash it! Hah, not worthy, not worthy.
  • That explains it.

    Yeah bass player is a beat, though underspoken doesn't even begin to cover his playing in that video.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq4apgYriXE
  • Holy moly the video editing in that makes me feel nauseous. Fuck.

    How about this:
  • like that, by the waay bought an op-1 just now.
  • Man, it looks pretty awesome I have to say.....but the price....... the price....

    Not to mention that an iPad can do all of what that does and then some, and costs less! (though you can't chain together audio apps (yet)).
  • @rodrigo

    honestly, why is everybody comparing that thing to the ipad?! the ipad is like a slick eel, no buttons, rotary encoders - in short: NO HAPTIC at all! I think it is a cool gadget, but I would not make music with it. I prefer real stuff. Also: No FM radio sampling, no gravity sensor... support a small company instead of a big brainwash mainstream-yet-so-independant-computer company.

    these are guys from elektron (monomachine), LSDJ App, who put their thoughts into doing somehting unique, and people always go "do you have an app for that"?!

    I don't get it. apart from audio ins/outs and all that, its clearly obious that the OP1 is a dedicated device, not an everybodys darling or a "spec" monster. I am with sealion on this one btw ;)
  • btw.

  • It's the price.

    Don't get me wrong, the OP1 thing looks amazing, but it costs as much as...well, a used laptop too. And yeah there's no physical control, but the amount of stuff you can do on the a computer (touchbased or not) is crazy.

    I don't really get the iPad hate either. Imagine if someone told you you could buy a LEMUR with built in DSP for 1/4 of the price of a lemur, who wouldn't jump in on that?

    The apps are mostly boring (cheesy drum machine or sequencer apps) but there's a few gems out there already (Curtis, Catart, Toplapapp, Soundyeah), and they're only getting better.
  • Well 800euros is a lot of money, but to be honest I am suprised how they kept the price so low for a small company start up - consider that everything is custom made - as far as I understand the enclosure (solid aluminum) and the keyboard (plastic) are both actually manufactured in the eu (sweden). I support development like that. Of course money is an issue, but this thing is so inspiring to me and I think it will do much more than, let say , a ciat lonbarde or folktek device. hell even the leploop is rather primitive (but cool non the less) compared to that thing.

    I have no hate for the ipad btw, I think it is cool and a cool lemur substitute... but to me its not attractive at all, I need buttons, strings, something to manipulate and touch and grab. its part of the fun to me. ipad has nothing of that. it IS a cool gadget though.
  • I'm generally the same way when it comes to "little guys". I own a ton of ciat stuff, and that shit isn't cheap by any means, but its unique, designed from the ground up, and visually amazing. The OP1 has some of that, but in this day and age, for 800EU, a keyboard would have to blow my mind (which it's starting at a deficit by being a "keyboard").

    From what I saw they've sold out of the first run, so good for them. Maybe the next batch will be cheaper, and/or they will refine how they make things to make it more cost effective. Or not. The demand seems to be there.
  • Here's a more topical update in terms of what we've been talking about AND the threads original funkiness.

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    chuck brown and the bumpn go-go horns
  • Hey doc.. ;)
  • what is it I don't get about pasting links...I dunno
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