updating WTPA firmware via bus pirate

dunno if anyone is going to by some odd chance find this useful, but I've updated the firmware of my WTPA via a bus pirate upon which I flashed the STK500v2 firmware.

guide to swapping the firmware:

the firmware itself

ISP header diagram

IO header pinout


  • Oh and you'll probably need to download an earlier version of the firmware to get the upload utility which is included there.


    The python-serial script was missing, so I used the windows upload method instead, which seemed to work fine.

    Odd note, AVRDude doesn't see anything above COM4 on windows, so you may have to reassign port numbers in the COM port settings in device manager. Click on the "advanced" button.
  • THANK YOU!! wow this made my life so much easier.

    I just got my WTPA working for the first time in months and came to the site to find new firmware and no way to change it, but i do have a bus pirate ;D

    this should be fun!
  • thanks again, just finished the process and it worked like a charm.

    I couldn't find a 2x3 header so I actually cannibalized a 1x3 header from a defunct C64 and the rest are just misc. capacitor leads.

    so happy for the new midi stuff, now i just need to find a midi plug haha!


    oh and btw with the new bit pirate is natively supported by avrdude, but i didnt find out until after i had flashed the stk500v2 firmware onto it.
  • Heh. Yes, I just discovered this yesterday as well. So strange on the timing. Trying to update the bootloader on the old bus pirate is a pain if you don't have a PIC programmer. Spent some hours on it unsuccessfully. I've mostly just used it for some ISP programming and some playing around with I2C components so I guess I don't have a need but it would be nice to not have to swap out the firmware just to switch tasks!
  • Good work, guys.
    Somebody gave me a bus pirate but I've never used it for anything. Is it cool? What else do you guys use it for?
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