bypass caps and xtal caps

what volatge capacitor should be used for each of these theres so many options on mouser? part numbers would be awesome


  • 100n for the bypass (0.1uF) Mouser PN 80-C320C104K5R

    for the crystal, just look up whichever xtal you are using, the spec sheet will tell you which ones to use (use MLCCs with the right pitch spacing)
  • Voltage ratings on those caps aren't that important. As long as they're over 5v you're good to go.
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    thanks guys I dont really know much about electronics this only the second project ive taken on and the first time to source my own parts. Ive built a monome in the past but the WTPA seems cool and ive heard good things so i bought one of the pcbs and the preprogrammed chips yesterday.

    Parts im stuck on

    all potentiometer
    tact switch

    if anyone could provide me with partnumbers i would really appreciate it because since my knoweledge is limited im afraid im going to solder the wrong thing in
  • Do you plan on rehousing it at the end or using it as a "green board"?

    If you're going to rehouse, you can use any pots/buttons. I rehoused mine, so I didn't bother wiring up the onboard switches/pots, and just used threaded/larger parts that would work in the enclosure.
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    yeah i would like to put it in an enclosure eventually but ive been reading up on circuit bending and want to give it a try (part of the reason for joing the party lol) could you point me in the direction to find the right pots/buttons cause i dont want to end up with a coarse adjustment pot on fine ect, or anyother mistake for that matter. There seems to be a difference in them and i figure if im going through all this trouble i might as well do it right
  • Each pot has a value that it's meant to buy. You can buy whatever you want that has that value. The ones that came with the kit were tiny alpha ones, with plastic shafts and no threading, there's similar alpha ones with metal shafts and threading, I don't know the part number offhand though.

    For switches, any SPST momentary will work. You can buy most if not all the pots/switches at Radioshack (in the US) or Maplin(UK), though it's cheaper to mail order.
  • thanks a bunch Rodrigo this was the last step of my sourceing!!!!
  • @goldengod001
    you can also take a look at the BOM posted on the main page:
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