Mystery WTPA death...

Hey guys, need some suggestions on something, I'm completely lost!

So I built my WTPA AGES ago, and have been happily rocking a few parties (and a couple of more low-key `gatherings' too), until this evening, when I turned it on. I had recorded something real quick last night, and then bounced it to minidisc for safe keeping (yeah, I still use those), and then switched it off. No problem. This evening, I came to turn it on, and... well, it just won't work. It powers up ok, but does one of two things: it either keeps cycling through the initialisation cycle where all the LEDs get tested (so the LEDs light up top-to-bottom, then turn off and do it again, over and over), or all the LEDs come on, then a few turn off leaving only the bottom 4 lit, and the overdub indicator lit. No response on buttons (including trying to enter diagnostic mode); all I get is a soft high-pitched whine from the audio out (no noise, quite a pure tone). I've given it a shake, nothing is loose. I did NOTHING to it between last night and tonight, and I mean NOTHING. It just sat on my carpet all day.

So, anyone got any ideas? I'm completely stumped. My only thought is that maybe when switching it off last night, there was a power spike which blew something... but I'm just clutching at straws really. Any suggestions would be appreciated; in the mean time I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and turn it on, and maybe see if it's over its hissy fit.

Thanks very much!


  • You're not running on batteries are you? It's bailing on execution. Either your flash got hosed (never seen that) or your supply is weird somehow.
    Hope this helps,
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