First tests, first problems, or not.


My name is Théophile, I'm a french studient, and i've built the WTPA with a friend. We all love musique...

So, the sampler is finished, but seems to destroy the sound too much, compared as I seen in your videos.

On this video : I just sampled the 50hz noize and it makes a BIGBIG dirty sound. After, I sampled nothing. But nothing apparently makes sound.... wtf.

Where the problem can come from ? memory ? audio in ? not shielded cable ?

I also found rythms points (see the photo), but where to connect them in order to make a beat-repeat-like effect ? I also thinked about linking all of these rythms points to a selector. Imagine...


  • I have no special insight to add about the noise problems (I had plenty, but they were different). Have you tried recording 'nothing' but with the input gain all the way down?
    Like that you can figure out if the recording is messed up, or the input is messed up.

    But I'm sure Todd will have better suggestions that I do.

    Tell me more about those bends.
    Do you connect the 2 colored points in your picture to get the sample to replay over and over? And is the 8th, 16th in reference to the sample clock rate, or a general expression of speed?
  • As you can see in the video, I've tried recording "nothing" with the input gain al the way down (You can see it at around 35s). However, there is some noise...

    About those bends : I get the best sample 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16 repeat by connecting one of these three points (the green, the yellow and the orange ones) to the red one.
    You can also connect them about everywhere and it could give cool rythmic effect. And try at one led =)
    I think th 8th an 16th are in reference to the sample clock rate... But not shure...
  • I can't tell much from your video, but some digital noise is normal when recording silence. I can't tell right now if yours is a little loud or not.
    Try sampling something really clean like a sine wave or music you are familiar with and listen for distortion, or use test mode and a scope. Make sure your gains aren't too high (you aren't clipping). You may have a RAM problem.

    Also, make sure to search the forum carefully. Both the digital noise and the distortion are trouble that others have had before.

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