Assembly help guide for the v1.00 bare board WTPA

BIG Propers to @sealion for writing this using notes that you all generated!
Because honestly, the chances that I ever would have were not great :-)

This is a guide which uses all the forum discussions on assembling the early WTPA boards that I sell to make an extensive set of notes.
I've proofed it and it's correct. It's on the main page of the site but the direct link is below. Best of luck!


  • great stuff! hope it will be put to use. thinking about ordering another board and making a real "hifi" wtpa
  • awesome! very tempted to populate my board now for 4 midi channels of 8-bit drum sample goodness.
  • Hey, there's a small error I've noticed in the PDF:

    Forget about R17, R19, R36, R37, R50, R31. Leave empty. No need to cut traces.

    R31 should be R51, R31 is necessary for the adc
  • I'd call that a pretty significant error!
    Thanks for catching that, SMRL (R31 is actually in the R2R ladder for the DAC, not the ADC, but...)
    I'll fix and repost.
  • edited February 2010
    Actually I'll ask sealion if he'll do it. For whatever reason the .doc doesn't work right in open office.
    Thanks again,
  • Fixing it. Will send changes to Todd today. I make it only an error in one spot. at teh end teh section about R31's rseistor value is correct i think. let me know about any other changes or places it can be improved.
  • Updated.
    Props, sealion!
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