next wtpa? expansion ideas single chip delay line?

I'm thinking a cv filter with good resonance, and even fancier one thatwill go liek a sem, ie sweeping from low to high and bandpass. But mostly I'd like to see a real simple lo fi digital delay chip on teh board that can take a send on a button push and be blended back, so we want clock rate, repeats and send/blend knobs. A separate out is nice but i can live without it. And yupe a scrub feature for sweeping the sample would be good. Question: could any of this make use of 1 or 2 joysticks? left to right the length of the sample up/down could do filter/bitrate. Maybe some space for dropping in light resistors, having fun with a screaming angels kit from chris lody off of


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    Re comment on digital delay lines, sure another person wants the world built for them, etc. But to be constructive small bear electronics has a lot of interesting one chip minimal circuit delay lines done for the pedal market. I'm thinking bang for the buck low-fi chip for granular smear and modulation, and loopers. The MV-52 from molten voltage is a tap tempo
    volume sequencer it looks interesting as well.
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    Hmm, and I like eric archer's andromenda rockets, got several kits coming. They include a nifty little IR clock that locks groups of them together and does clock divide up to 1 in 32. Soooo, ifin yuz is buildin a minilooper minimewtpa?, which you've hinted at it, sure would be nice if it included the bits to make your sampler/looper clocklock in. Right now it pretty open source, and one guy in austin has done a midi to ir board, 4ms has done a bassline, eric's got percussion modules, and bleep labs are designing a synth module. No sampler/looper yet... hmm it'd be fun... sealion
  • Sounds interesting. Send me the links to what you're talking about / looking for and I'll take a look. Thanks!
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    The sync is an interesting idea

    /engineer on
    although they should have encoded the IR on a carrier -- making a light-controlled device with unencoded IR is ASKING for it to fail, especially in performance situations where your ambient light levels are guaranteed to be totally weird and not what you're used to, Barbie regularly has this problem, aks me how I knows
    /engineer off

    and with a spare input pin WTPA could sync to that no problem. The next WTPA will have a rotary encoder instead of a pot which would be a good way to program the beat pattern it would observe.
    You could make it observe PPQN (DIN sync) pulses in the same way, which would also be useful.

    I remember when Eric Archer built the analog bouncing ball computer. Now THAT was cool...
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    concerning filters... anyone ever tried ? that tracker got imho one of the best software based filters i heard so far on board! (best in terms of noise/destruction ;O))
    the source code should be kind of "open source on request"...
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    I'm an avid piggy user. Pretty sure Marc would hand Todd the filter code, no problem. This project of Marc's uses an almost identical filter and the source is all there.

    He's also got a wayyyyy rad synth almost ready for Raspberry Pi that has an even better sounding filter AND, per my demand... feedback loop, baby! It's in alpha now, but it's coming very soon!
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