Tap Tempo?

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My WTPA's been shelved for a while now unfortunately, and likewise my watching this forum has dropped as well, so I dunno if this has been touched on before... Anyway, in lieu of looking into a DIY tap tempo solution for a stomp box, I found this nifty kit:


Seems like it could be added into the WTPA nicely to control your beat from there. You could tie this into the system clock (ergo the MIDI clock?), right?

Just throwing this out here :]


  • Hey! Good to see you back in the forum again.
    I've been away too for awhile, with work and a gnarly flu.
    To get that tap tempo board to help WTPA you'd need to either get it to send midi or send pulses to the playback button. Adjusting the system clock would be really hard, and would also mess up the UART (MIDI) clock rate and lots of other time-specific stuff.
    Still, a tap tempo is cool, and that kit looks fun.
  • Good to know I'm missed :) !

    Yeah, school's been taking precedence otherwise, but I'll get back on board (pun?) soon enough.

    I was thinking of a hardware based solution for tempo control as I like leaving the computer to just recording, so if it's a matter of using my own timing to trigger a sample that's all good - just like grandpa used to do ;)

    Good to know the potential problems with the idea though. As said, if I'm to just manually punch buttons the metronome might be handy for that then. Thanks!
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